Bruichladdich Black Art Batch 4

Bruichladdich Black Art 4 On my second visit to the excellent Mor Whisky Club at Oran Mor, we were treated to a special night in the company of Bruichladdich's very own Joanne Brown- Brand Manager covering the UK, Europe and Africa.

Joanne was a source of great information and teller of wonderful stories from Islay and of course the distillery. On show were 5 different tastings of various products that included The Classic Laddie, Islay Barley, Port Charlotte Heavily Peated, and Octomore 6.1 the star of the evening for me though was the fantastic Black Art Batch 4.

In a week where a world star announced his new love for whisky, this for me was a perfect example of where a whisky world star has left his mark on the whisky world.

For those who don't know Bruichladdich's own Master Distiller Jim McEwan has 50yrs experience in the industry and was recently inducted into the Whisky Magazine's "Hall of Fame". The Black Art range has been skilfully crafted together by Jim using his blending skills to produce this quite stunning whisky. Made up from six different casks only known by Jim the Batch 4 is dated as 23 years old and really truly reflects someone on top of his game.

The future is looking good for Bruichladdich who are increasing production to 7 days a week to satisfy its growing numbers of supporters throughout the world, one which I will always be.


WOW was my first impression, I got sherry, citrus and port. Plums and honey a real mix of quality.

Smooth with coconut, sherry, pears and almond with the citrus notes coming through. Still getting chocolate and malty notes.

Long Dry with loads of sherry influence, almonds and peach.

Bottle Name: Bruichladdich Black Art Batch 4
Age: 23
ABV: 49.20
Distiller: Bruichladdich
Bottler: Bruichladdich
Type: Blended Malt
From: Scotland, Islay

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