Old Ballantruan Off To A Flyer

At the back end of last year I was part of the group of twitter users who took part in the The Whisky Wires Old Ballantruan tweet tasting launching the latest 10 year old version of the peaty dram from Tomintoul Distillery.

I'd been involved right from the start even giving advice on ways in which to do the tasting, so it was a great thing to see it all become reality with some cracking drams from this Speyside distillery.

A little while after I got a wee message from Tomintoul asking if they could use my notes on the new flyers being produced for the Old Ballantruan whisky and was more than happy to help out with that, and i know a good number of my fellow tweet tasters were too.

I was really excited to then see the completed flyers which look fabulous and to discover that my notes feature on both of the flyers, something i think is very cool, so i 've decided to pop them up here for all to see.

The Old Ballatruan NAS flyer:front -

Old Ballantruan Flyer Front

The Old Ballatruan NAS flyer:back -

Old Ballantruan Flyer back

The Old Ballatruan 10 Year Old flyer:front -

Old Ballantruan 10 Year Old Flyer Front

The Old Ballatruan 10 Year Old flyer:back -

Old Ballantruan 10 Year Old Flyer back

This is such a privilidge to have my notes on these flyers and remember to please pop out and try a bottle of this cracking whisky, available from all major whisky specialists.

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