Abbey Whisky - The Secret Casks - Release 2

Abbey Whisky are proud to announce the 2nd release of ‘The Secret Casks’ series, a trio of single malt Scotch whiskies, aged 30, 40 and 50 years old, matured at Speyside's finest distilleries and bottled under the Abbey Whisky label.

New bottle, new label, new whisky! A cracking range of exceptional drams, just in time for Christmas!

Secret Casks Abbey Whisky 30 Year Old Abbey Whisky 30 Year Old Speyside / 2nd Release

The youngest addition to our Secret Casks Series is this beautiful 30 year old single malt distilled at secret distillery in Speyside. Lots of sweet wonderful flavours combined with ripe golden delicious apples. The flavours get deeper and more intense when the dram warms up a little. It’s not in any way over sweetened; it’s perfectly balanced with great complexity. A dram you could nose all day, lovely!

Wonderful sweet flavours, lingering caramel, toffee apple made from ripe golden delicious. The back of the nose shows light butterscotch and hints of spices. The warmer the dram gets the richer the flavours become. This dram you could nose all night long!

Butterscotch apple, sweet golden syrup, a very smooth coating of the mouth. A very slight taste of spice & back to golden delicious apples with a hint of ginger.

Long finish, lovely sweet flavours coating the mouth, very light hint of chocolate liqueur with a hint of spice.

Priced at £129.95 and available exclusively from Abbey Whisky

Secret Casks Abbey Whisky 40 Year Old Abbey Whisky 40 Year Old Speyside / 2nd Release

The second 40 year old release from our 'Secret Casks Series' is this stunning example of an aged single malt Scotch whisky. 40 Years of age, a dram that has beautiful deep flavours that have not been over powered from the long rest in cask. This is a dram that you just can’t get enough of.

WOW! Sweet golden syrup with hints of gentle spice, lingering muscovado sugar & baked stewed apples. Raisins & sultana bake, bread & butter pudding.

Sultanas, golden syrup, nutty mature Christmas cake. Again muscovado sugar, dried fruits with slight hints of oak…

Coats your mouth with lovely, sweet baked flavours, slight hint of spice and oak. You just want more of this dram.

Priced at £229.95 and available exclusively from Abbey Whisky

Secret Casks Abbey Whisky 50 Year Old Abbey Whisky 50 Year Old Speyside / 2nd Release

The oldest and rarest in 'The Secret Casks' series is this 50 year old single malt whisky from Speyside. To think this whisky has been slumbering in casks for as long as 50 years is truly amazing, the involvement of the flavours combined, produce a stunning dram.

A very welcoming nose, keeps pulling you in for more. At first, lovely warm spices, followed by dried fruits, butterscotch along with sweet sherry flavours. At the back of the nose lingers sultanas, hints of oak and further spices.

A superb combination of flavours, similar to those on the nose, followed by hints of oak and dry sherried flavours, quite dry, with a nutty butterscotch undertone.

A smooth, long mouthful, hints of Christmas spice, cloves, nutmeg & cinnamon followed by a slight sweet sultana notes. Nutty-ish.

Priced at £369.95 and available exclusively from Abbey Whisky

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