Strathearn Distillery takes orders for first Scottish Cask Strength Rum

Strathearn Distillery takes orders for first Scottish Cask Strength Rum Strathearn Distillery is allowing followers the chance to reserve the very first bottles of their Cask Strength Rum, the first of its kind in Scotland, which has been aged in a whisky cask.

Strathearn’s very first whisky cask, which was emptied this week after the first 100 bottles of whisky from the distillery were auctioned off, was filled with the golden rum and the spirit will be aged for up to six months. The first 80 bottles of the unique rum can now be reserved for £50 each.

The small octave size (50 litre) whisky cask will give the pioneering Scottish Cask Strength Golden Rum a mellow richness, which adds to the native sweetness of the rum providing a rounded, golden spirit.

The team at Strathearn have certainly earned their reputation as the home of craft spirits in Scotland and pioneered a range of spirits including the Cask Strength Rum, Scottish Cider Brandy, Genever and a Golden Rum.

Founder of Strathearn Distillery, Tony Reeman-Clark said: “We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Cask Strength Rum, especially as it is into our first single malt cask - yet another first for us here at Strathearn. As a team, we are passionate about creating unique and pioneering spirits that will help put Scotland on the map in terms of innovation and diversification.

“We like to give our loyal followers the first chance to get their hands on our latest releases so we thought the fairest way to do this was to give people the chance to reserve this unique spirit, that we hope will be well-received here in Scotland.”

Strathearn Distillery has become known for its range of craft gins and has benefited from the gin revival in Scotland which has provided them with the flexibility to sell product and to experiment with different spirits as well as mature small batches of single malt whisky which officially reached maturation in December and was auctioned off to lucky bidders around the world.

Strathearn has become the first of a new generation of small distilleries to bring its single malt single cask scotch to market and the first bottle of single malt whisky from Strathearn was sold for a staggering £4,150.

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Strathearn Distillery takes orders for first Scottish Cask Strength Rum

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