Worlds First Whisky Sniffer Dog Joins Tasting Panel

Worlds First Whisky Sniffer Dog Joins Tasting Panel It may sound barking mad, but the world’s first whisky sniffer dog has been appointed to join the Society’s prestigious Tasting Panel.

A dog’s sense of smell is 50 times more sensitive than humans, so Chaucer has been appointed as Master Sniffer to help sniff out the finest whiskies for bottling.

The first whisky to be unleashed by Chaucer is pedigree single malt ‘Barking Mad’, Cask D1.1.

With notes of “malty biscuits” and “smoky meat”, ‘Barking Mad’ is available from 1st April at our 28 Queen Street venue in Edinburgh, which is now open to all.

Stock is limited - the first 50 people to ask for a dram of Barking Mad’ will be treated to a special bonus dram.

Official Tasting Notes

One sniff and the nose is instantly filled with a lip-smacking cereal note that hints at a bowl of crunchy malt biscuits. The Panel thought the taste was barking mad! This is mouth-wateringly meaty with a tasty undercurrent of salty beef broth and rich smoky game. The mouthfeel has a droolingly chewy texture. With water there’s a lingering curiously herbaceous aftertaste reminiscent of a walk through a lush green farmer’s field on a wet day. A real pedigree dram.

Drinking tip

A pedigree dram perfect sitting in front of the fire after a long walk

Flavour Profile: Malty and Meaty
Age: 20 or 1.9 in dog years
Cask: Second-fill ex-bourbon barrel
Date: 1 April 1996
Outturn: 1 of 104 bottles
Alc.%: 40.1%
Colour: Golden retriever
Price: £104

Worlds First Whisky Sniffer Dog Joins Tasting Panel

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