Gift the Perfect Single Malt This Christmas

The Macallan Rare CaskThis Christmas why not treat your loved one to one of the finest single malts? Whether they’re a whisky connoisseur or a newcomer, we have a selection of single malts to suit every taste. My tasting notes of most of these drams are shown at the bottom of the page.

The Macallan Rare Cask

New to The Macallan portfolio, The Macallan Rare Cask will be available to purchase as a Christmas gift for the first time this year. Aged exclusively in Sherry Oak casks, The Macallan Rare Cask sees soft notes of opulent vanilla and raisin pique the nose, giving way to a sweet ensemble of apple, lemon, and orange. A Single Malt produced through meticulous dedication to wood – with some of the casks used to age the whisky from Sherry bodegas no longer in existence - it is the perfect gift for those who are fans of craftsmanship and quality.

The Macallan Rare Cask is available in select whisky retailers including The Whisky Exchange (RRP £200).

Laphroaig SelectLaphroaig Select

Fans of Laphroaig’s trademark ‘peat reek’ will love Laphroaig Select. This expression offers a deep, smoky taste yet surprises the palate with a gentle sweetness and is a must have for the drinks cabinet this festive season.

Laphroaig Select is available in retailers including Morrisons, The Whisky Exchange and Master of Malt (RRP £34.99).

Highland Park 12 Year OldHighland Park 12 Year Old

Highland Park 12 Year Old is the ideal malt for fans of flavour and the perfect accompaniment for your Christmas pudding this festive season.

This single malt boasts a honey sweetness, followed by fruity notes with a hint of gentle smoke.

Highland Park 12 Year Old is available at multiple retailers including Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons and Co-op (RRP £35.12).

The Macallan GoldThe Macallan Gold

Give the gift of gold this Christmas with the limited edition Ernie Button presentation of the first whisky in The 1824 Series, The Macallan Gold.

Showcasing the single malt’s natural colour, Button’s photography microscopically captures the traces of whisky left in a glass. The Macallan Gold has notes of vanilla followed by dark chocolate, with lingering floral and light oak notes.

The Macallan Gold is available in multiple retailers including Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons (RRP £38.95).

The Ardmore LegacyThe Ardmore Legacy

The Ardmore Legacy is the perfect introduction to peated single malt whisky. With notes of creamy vanilla, followed by smoky charcoal and savoury spices with a pleasant peaty taste, The Ardmore Legacy is a full-bodied and smooth dram with a dry, spicy and long-lasting finish.

The Ardmore Legacy is available in multiple retailers including Tesco and Morrisons (RRP £29.99).

Ardmore Legacy

Ardmore Legacy The Ardmore Legacy which has recently replaced the Ardmore Traditional as the entry level dram from The Ardmore distillery is a wonderful sweet, smoky, easy drinking dram that's both inexpensive and inoffensive.

lovely sweet speyside peat entwined with soft fruity notes to make this dram sing, a real bargain drinker this is.

Thanks to The Ardmore for the official sample.


Initially there's a hint of gentle earthy smoke which reminds me of passing old village cottages then comes huge chunks of fruit salad with pineapple, melon, Apple and pear with sweet mango coming through too

Sweet smoke like gentle smoked meats and a lovely fruity sweet sauce covering it with gentle spices

Sweet and gentle fruitiness

Bottle Name: Ardmore Legacy
Age: NAS
ABV: 40.00
Distiller: Ardmore
Bottler: Ardmore
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Highland

Highland Park 12 Year Old

The very last of my Highland Park bottle finished off last night.

A stunning official bottling at 40% ABV, i'd love to try this at a stronger strength and unchillfiltered.


Sweet, Floral, Fields of Heather, hints of Sherry

Smooth, Sherry Notes, Heather and Flora, slight smoke in the background

Short but powerful, sicklly sweet

Bottle Name: Highland Park 12 Year Old
Age: 12
ABV: 40.00
Distiller: Highland Park
Bottler: Highland Park
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Islands

Laphroaig Select

Laphroaig Select I was really excited when the Press Release came through for this new Laphroaig Select, a new NAS Laphroaig, i've been very happy with all the other recent releases so I was excited to try this.

Then started the backlash in the blogger community as it got slated over and over and that worried me. I tried this first at Whisky Stramash and thought then that it was a perfectly acceptable dram and I still think that. The nose isn't as overpowering as some Laphroaigs and that allows more of the underlying subtltities to come through.

The palate is weak compared to other Laphroaigs but is that a bad thing, sometimes you want to not be knocked off your feet by a dram, the finish i have to agree is poor though it just disappears.

For me this isnt a bad dram, its one for a different occasion, it's a summer Laphroaig, one that is lighter and doesn't produce the same level of warming that would normally but attributed to a Laphroaig, and I actually quite like that, it's easy to drink, i like that too. If i had to criticise it's all to do with that finish, it's needs something, maybe just being over 40%, to bring it back in the game.

So if you are in the mood for trying a summer Laphroaig why not pop over to The Whisky Exchange and pick one up now.

Thanks to Adrian from Laphroaig for the official sample.


This is quite light really, although after a minute or two theres some BBQ pulled pork and some chalkiness along with subtle hints of that antiseptic peat that we expect with laphroaig, hints of fresh citrus in there on the end of the nose too.

very soft and subtle, doesn't quite match the nose here, it's got a hint of antiseptic smoke, and a touch of sweet citrus.

disappears quickly, very soft, a bit too soft

Bottle Name: Laphroaig Select
Age: NAS
ABV: 40.00
Distiller: Laphroaig
Bottler: Laphroaig
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Islay

The Macallan Gold (1824 Series)

Macallan Gold The Macallan has unveiled The 1824 Series, a range showcasing two of its greatest strengths; oak sherry casks and natural colour.

This expression, Gold, is the first to be released from the 1824 series and was launched on the 10th September in London along with a special viewing of the Annie Leibovitz Masters of Photography Collection.

Personally wasn't able to make the launch as it just happened to fall on the same day as my very first day at University but The Macallan were very generous and sent me a little goodie bag including a sample of The Macallan Gold.

Goody Bag

Many thanks to The Macallan for the sample and goody bag, and remember you can pick this lovely dram up from all good whisky retailers including The Whisky Shop where you can even get 10% off if you're a W Club member.


Fruit cake fruity, dates, sultanas, glace cherries, slight rubbery notes, some vanilla, creme brule in there too

more fruitcake with creme brule/caramel sauce, quite creamy

decent length, lots of the fruitcake notes

Bottle Name: The Macallan Gold (1824 Series)
Age: NAS
ABV: 40.00
Distiller: The Macallan
Bottler: The Macallan
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Speyside

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