4 Indie Tomatins

Tomatin FidraIt's no secret that i enjoy a few good drams of Tomatin every now and then, and i've had these samples of Independent bottlings of Tomatin for a while now, so was time to get then tried and tasted.

Thanks to Johnnie (@JohnnieStumbler) and Ben (@ben_cops) for the samples here.

Of the 4 below the Island of Fidra was most up my street and would be the one that i would happily buy bottle after bottle of, i really wish i'd tried this much earlier when they still had stock at Lockett Bros as i'd have a bottle or two of this at home.

In the meantime enjoy the reviews and remember to check out the distillery own bottlings of Tomatin which are fabulous also.

Tomatin 1991 Cask 51 (Berry Bros & Rudd)

Tomatin Berry BrosThanks to Johnnie (@JohnnieStumbler) from The Nosing Arse blog for this sample of 1991 Tomatin from Berry Bros and Rudd.

This was a really difficult Tomatin for me to get on with, deep down there were fruity, chalky edinburgh rock notes but the first notes that i got here were of dustiness and of powdered baby milk, it's very drinkable but not sure if i'd want a full bottle of this.


This is such an odd and interesting dram initially dusty and oaky then some powdered baby milk, chalky fruity edinburgh rock with edges of coffee whitener and artificial sweetener

Bitter sweets with malt loaf covered in artificial sweetener and fruity edinburgh rock and more powdered baby milk

Sweet and chalky

Bottle Name: Tomatin 1991 Cask 51 (Berry Bros & Rudd)
Age: 1991 Vintage
ABV: 54.80
Distiller: Tomatin
Bottler: Berry Bros and Rudd
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Highland

Tomatin 19yr Island of Fidra (Lockett Bros)

Tomatin FidraBack around the early part of 2014 I seen a review of this Island of Fidra Tomatin on Barry's (@thewhiskyphiles) The Whisky Philes blog and really fancied i and so it became one of the fabulous bottle shares.

Bottled by a, fairly, local independent shp in North Berwick called Lockett Bros this has now sold out but if this is the quality of their drams I need to visit again very soon to try more of their bottlings.

This is seriously sweet and very very drinkable, it is most definitely up my street and one of the best expressions of Tomatin i've tried.


Super fabulously sweet, manuka honey and golden syrup covering large chunks of tinned pears and lashings of fresh fruit salad covered with a butterscotch sauce and Demerara sugar and soft sweet caramel chews

Sweet and sugary with oak tree sap and more tinned pears in syrup with extra honey and a hint of treacle, some cinnamon chrunch creeping in too

Sweet cinnamon chrunch

Bottle Name: Tomatin 19yr Island of Fidra (Lockett Bros)
Age: 19
ABV: 55.50
Distiller: Tomatin
Bottler: Lockett Bros
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Highland

Tomatin 19yr Small Batch (Cadenheads)

Tomatin cadenheadsThanks to Ben (@ben_cops) from Bens Whisky blog for spotting this 19 year old Tomatin from Cadenhead's which we split and sent our friend Steve (@steveprentice) a wee dram of.

This is very much how i would expect a Tomatin to taste, lots of sweet fruity notes and lots of floral/elderflower sweetness in here, a really nice dram that i would have loved to have seen at a stronger ABV.

Sold out at Cadenhead's it's worth looking out for other bottlings from their range.


Light and floral with elderflower cordial and light chewits and starburst with light gentle oak with fresh juicy fruit chewing gum and splashes of melon

Sweet elderflower cordial with light oak and hints of wood spice, lots of juicy fresh fruits honeydew melon and sweet pears

Chalky Edinburgh rock and wood spices

Bottle Name: Tomatin 19yr Small Batch (Cadenheads)
Age: 19
ABV: 46.00
Distiller: Tomatin
Bottler: Wm Cadenhead
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Highland

Tomatin 20yr Old Particular (Douglas Laing)

Tomatin old particularThanks to Ben (@ben_cops) from Bens Whisky blog for the sample of this 20 Year Old Tomatin from Douglas Laing's Old Particular Range.

This is a really quite unusual Tomatin as along with the usual sweet floral sweetness there's also some interesting meaty and salty notes, almost game and salted caramels, it's odd for Tomatin but it really works well and I reall enjoyed this dram.

Sold out at Master of Malt but there may be a bottle kicking around somewhere


Initially quite a meatiness that I wasn't expecting from Tomatin then edges of sherry soaked raisins and treacle covered undercooked doughy flour coated scones

Sweet and a little salty treacle covered scones, hints of war, bread and sweet mouth watering melon and chewing gum

salted caramels and sweet melon

Bottle Name: Tomatin 20yr Old Particular (Douglas Laing)
Age: 20
ABV: 51.50
Distiller: Tomatin
Bottler: Douglas Laing
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Highland

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