William Grant and Sons Unveil The Kininvie Special Release No.1

William Grant & Sons Unveils Kininvie Special Release #1The Treasured First Drops of the Distillery’s History Nestled quietly in the Scottish Highlands is Kininvie, a distillery with extraordinary Single Malt Scotch Whisky that has been maturing patiently in warehouses for twenty-five years. When the Kininvie distillery first opened, stillman Kenny McWilliam was one of only three men working the stills. It was back on the 25th June 1990 at 8.45am when the very first liquid was taken off the still by the stillmen and then laid to mature on the 4th July. Now, a quarter of a century later, the time is right for just three casks of these very first drops of rich and complex liquid, to be released to the world – the Kininvie Special Release #1 ‘The First Drops’.

Each of the three casks of the Special Release #1 ‘The First Drops’ has been hand-selected by our sixth Malt Master, Brian Kinsman and carefully looked after in our warehouses by Distillery Manager, Craig Cranmer. The casks have been individually allocated to one of three markets – mainland Europe, the UK and Taiwan. The highly coveted Kininvie Special Release #1 ‘The First Drops’ is made up of less than 1,600 precious bottles worldwide. Of these there are just 550 bottles for the UK. Brian Kinsman, William Grant & Sons Malt Master, commented: “The whisky produced at the Kininvie distillery is of exceptionally good quality. After twenty-five years, we’re delighted that the liquid is now ready and we can release the very first drops of Kininvie, straight from the casks where they have been maturing since the distillery’s first days.”

Craig Cranmer, the Kininvie’s Distillery Manager, added: “Being family owned gives us the luxury of patience and means we are able to benefit from the foresight of earlier generations who decided to lay down casks to create exquisite aged stocks. We have cherished and nurtured these casks since 1990 knowing they contained incredible whisky. Now the time is right to share the first drops of our history.”

The single cask, cask strength, non chill filtered Kininvie Special Release #1 ‘The First Drops’ has been matured in hogshead bourbon barrels and each cask has a unique flavour profile making the liquid singular and exceptional. The UK Special Release # 1, cask number 21, has aromatic, leafy and floral aromas with hints of spring meadow. Distinctive vanilla sweetness on the palate is overlaid with ripe fruits and long lasting oakiness. The first Single Malt Scotch Whisky from the distillery to bear the Kininvie name was launched as a 23YO exclusively in Taiwan in 2013 followed by the UK and Nordics in 2014. All markets completely sold out at launch making the Special Release #1 ‘The First Drops’ even more desirable for whisky collectors and aficionados.

The elegant and minimalist packaging of the Kininvie Special Release #1 ‘The First Drops’ reflects a whisky that has spent 25 years as a treasured family secret. Copper hues are used throughout the discreet pack including a copper foil inlay and crafted copper plinth, to represent the copper Kininvie stills. The underlined number six in Roman numerals further celebrates the six stills that the distillery was founded on. The bottle displays the specific cask and bottle number and is accompanied by an individual certificate signed by Brian Kinsman.

Kininvie Special Release #1 ‘The First Drops’ will launch from November 2015 in the UK. It retails at £400 and has an ABV of 61.4%.

William Grant & Sons Unveils Kininvie Special Release #1The Treasured First Drops of the Distillery’s History

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