SMWS - Somerset Cider Brandy Cask 1
SMWS 1.162 - Perfumed and mouth-watering
SMWS 1.171 - Orchids in an Old Wardrobe
SMWS 1.177 Tutti Frutti Ice Cream
SMWS 1.183 A Vibrant Enigma
SMWS 1.198 Night nurse in a carpenters overalls
SMWS 1.97 - Orange Syllabub
SMWS 10.108 Yin and Yang
SMWS 10.71 - Onions Spring Eternal
SMWS 10.76 - Duelling Banjos Dram
SMWS 10.77 Beware of the Monster
SMWS 100.11 Picnic Party Dram
SMWS 116.17 Pin Ball Wizard in Japanese Tea House
SMWS 116.20 Fascinating complexity and finesse
SMWS 117.3 Hubba-bubba, mango and Monstera
SMWS 118.3 Self-assured, buxom and rewarding
SMWS 119.10 - I Wish it Could be Christmas Every Day
SMWS 119.14 Raspberry Imperial Stout
SMWS 120.7 Sweet, fragrant and satisfying
SMWS 121.50 - Xmas Cake and Afghan Coats
SMWS 121.59 - Vanilla Candles on a Polished Table
SMWS 121.64 Maggie Thatcher at the Funfair
SMWS 121.67 Energising & Enigmatic
SMWS 121.89 Sweet as a Nut
SMWS 121.90 Spiced Pear Planters Punch
SMWS 123.6 - Rhubarb and custard
SMWS 124.3 All the Complexities of Summer
SMWS 125.28 - Werthers Originals in a Tweed Jacket
SMWS 125.58 A Picket Fence Round an Orchard
SMWS 125.61 - Rich Custard Pudding
SMWS 125.70 A Dram of Two Halves
SMWS 125.71 - Chocolate Coke Float
SMWS 127.33 Mouth-numbing mountaineering dram
SMWS 127.37 - Dinosaurs Dancing to Stravinsky
SMWS 127.40 Mango Chicken Vindaloo
SMWS 127.44 Cantina Mexicana
SMWS 127.9 Desperate Dan Whisky
SMWS 128.6 Rumbling Reverberating Resonances
SMWS 129.1 A Smoky, Peachy, Yoghurt of Loveliness
SMWS 129.4 - Peat Smoke Infused Peach Posset
SMWS 13.47 Its a Knockout
SMWS 131.2 Magic Carpet in a Sweetie Shop
SMWS 132.2 Stunning Panoramio of Exotic Fruits
SMWS 132.3 Dark, Mysterious and Seductive
SMWS 14.3
SMWS 2.84 - Katherine Hepburn in a Vintage Jaguar
SMWS 2.87 Satisfying as a Butchers Blade
SMWS 2.88 Cinderella Weeping over Matchmakers
SMWS 21.28 Relaxing in a Tropical Garden
SMWS 24.110 - A winter warmer by the fireside
SMWS 25.61 Lemon and Vanilla Delicacy
SMWS 25.65 - The Whispered Kiss
SMWS 25.68 Vichy Kisses
SMWS 25.69 Fresh Faced and Fabulous
SMWS 26.105 Bumblebees by the Sea
SMWS 26.115 Pilates for the palate
SMWS 26.90 - Elegant, Subtle, Balanced -in totaly harmony
SMWS 26.93 Cottage Garden Beside a Church
SMWS 26.98 Lively as an Electric Acrobat
SMWS 27.107 To The Manor Born
SMWS 27.108 A Savoury Experience
SMWS 29.116 - Perfume smoke and soapy bubbles
SMWS 29.122 - Cool as Mountain Stream
SMWS 29.150 - Hand Rolled Cuban Cigars
SMWS 29.151 Polished Violins and Vintage Cars
SMWS 29.173 Forget time and space
SMWS 29.199 Eureka Moment
SMWS 3.162 - Makes You Want To Sing
SMWS 3.164 - Baby Powder on a Forest Fire
SMWS 3.194 - Surf and Turf BBQ
SMWS 3.222 Darker Side of Sweetness
SMWS 3.243 Dark Smouldering Flamenco Gypsy
SMWS 30.72 Take a Break and Have a...
SMWS 30.74 - Sweet Fruity and rich
SMWS 30.77 This is Nuts
SMWS 30.80 A Wicker Basket Full of Dark Pleasures
SMWS 31.20 - Cornish Pastie and Plaster-board
SMWS 31.23 - Sugared Almonds in a Matress Factory
SMWS 31.24 - Lively as an Acrobat
SMWS 31.25 Banquet for The Wicker Man
SMWS 31.26 - BBQ Smoke on the Rolling Sea
SMWS 31.27 Bold Sailors Dram
SMWS 31.32 Piri Piri And Teriyaki Chicken
SMWS 33.131 - A Mad Scientist on the Dockside
SMWS 33.132 Beauty and the Beast
SMWS 33.76 - A civilised Scout Camp
SMWS 35.103 - The Great Easter Bake Off
SMWS 35.108 - A Feast of Flavours
SMWS 35.112 Perfect Storm of Flavours
SMWS 35.150 Corn N Oil
SMWS 35.183 A Polar Bears Birthday Cake
SMWS 35.60 Dream-catcher dram
SMWS 35.83 Firework Bursts of Aroma
SMWS 35.89 Spell-binding and Breath-taking
SMWS 36.103 Ivory Keys
SMWS 36.105 Herbal Delights
SMWS 36.108 Warms You from the Inside Out
SMWS 36.69 - Totally Tropical, Man!
SMWS 36.74 - Whiter than White
SMWS 37.44 - Elephants Dance Flamenco
SMWS 37.56 Sweet Tart and Spicy
SMWS 37.81 Orange Turmeric Margarita
SMWS 37.86 Juicy and Delightful
SMWS 39.90 Complex and Mysterious
SMWS 39.92 Dessert Wine & A Smoking Jacket
SMWS 39.93 - Pork Chops in Red Wine Sauce
SMWS 39.94 An Exotic Privilege
SMWS 39.99 Springtime in Andalucia
SMWS 4.167 - Flapjacks and OJ ’s cereal
SMWS 4.182 - Slippery Shape Shifter
SMWS 4.185 - Take me up to the ball game
SMWS 4.188 A Ploughmans Picnic
SMWS 4.191 - A Romp in the Heather
SMWS 4.194 Lip Smacking and Mouth Puckering
SMWS 4.214 After hours
SMWS 41.58 - Juicy, Juicy, tart and fruity
SMWS 41.60 Fun To Chase
SMWS 42.14 Hot Water Bottle
SMWS 42.16 what it says on the tin
SMWS 42.29 Marvellous maritime margaritas
SMWS 44.52 - The artist, the brewer and the baker
SMWS 44.61 - Flower bouquet with a love note
SMWS 46.22 An Italian Kitchen
SMWS 46.26 Killer Bee Surf Wax
SMWS 48.19 - Magners Farewell
SMWS 48.27 - Honey Roast Vegetables
SMWS 48.33 - Marshmallows and Chocolate Eclairs
SMWS 48.42 Grown Up Ice Lollies
SMWS 5.34 - A chameleon that cant sit still
SMWS 5.36 - Rubbing White Tiger Balm on Your Forehead
SMWS 5.41 Vibrant Lively and zingy
SMWS 5.46 Peachy and Perky
SMWS 5.48 Stave New World
SMWS 5.53 Exotic Fruits and Eastern Spice
SMWS 50.53 - Monster Mango and Melon
SMWS 50.58 A Seesaw of Spring Cleaning and Scones
SMWS 50.71 Alfresco Brunch
SMWS 52.20 All Day American Breakfast in the Garden
SMWS 53.135 - Ambush By the Sound of Islay
SMWS 53.166 - Kings feast down a mine shaft
SMWS 53.196 Waiting for the Ambulance
SMWS 53.198 Wasabi on a California Roll
SMWS 53.201 True Love on a Pebble Beach
SMWS 53.218 Philadelphia Cigar Perfection
SMWS 55.23 Chow Mein on a Workbench
SMWS 59.43 - Caramel Swirl Ice Cream
SMWS 59.47 A Dram for Shirley Valentine
SMWS 59.48 - A sensory journey
SMWS 59.50 Comfortable in the Chesterfield
SMWS 63.28 Cherry Blossom Painting
SMWS 63.33 Rich treacly and sumptuous
SMWS 65.5 Old School Speyside
SMWS 66.35 Savoury smoke and spicy sweetness
SMWS 66.45 An Inspired Menu
SMWS 7.113 Takes You To Another Place
SMWS 7.80 - Dapper Dan and Holly Hunte
SMWS 7.83 Fresh, airy and sherbety
SMWS 7.90 Welcome Home
SMWS 7.95 Instant Relaxation and Comforting Warmth
SMWS 70.15 Tasty and Mouth Puckering
SMWS 71.40 - Sticky Apricot tarts at an Indian market
SMWS 72.36 Holy Moly
SMWS 72.37 Early Morning Walk
SMWS 72.49 Totally scrummy
SMWS 73.55 Apples & Pears
SMWS 73.60 Watching the Monaco Grand Prix from a Rooftop Terrace
SMWS 73.61 A Work of Art
SMWS 73.66 Toffee and humbugs in a tea chest
SMWS 73.68 Summer Landscape With Woods
SMWS 73.69 Dark Side Eclipsed by Sweet Joys
SMWS 76.108 Raspberry Ruffles
SMWS 76.110 Summer Fruit Salad With Cream
SMWS 76.113 - John Barleycorn was a hero bold
SMWS 76.115 Glamping in a Yurt
SMWS 77.32 - Salivating Sweetness: Savoury Whispers
SMWS 85.27 Refreshing Elderflower Fizz
SMWS 85.32 Grannies Behaving Badly (and madly!)
SMWS 9.77 A Distinguished Gentleman
SMWS 9.79 - Quiet Time Dram
SMWS 9.80 A Rocking Chair Dram
SMWS 9.82 Breathe in Long
SMWS 9.91 A Whispering Dram
SMWS 91.17 A Game of Two Halves
SMWS 91.20 The Rumbling Thunder of Contentment
SMWS 93.38 - Stirs the Atavistic Soul
SMWS 93.57 Yo-ho-ho and a Bottle of This
SMWS 93.58 - A manly adventure
SMWS 93.61 CalMac Welders Tea Break
SMWS 96.7 - For a Sweet Tooth
SMWS 96.8 Relaxing in an alpine meadow
SMWS B3.1 A little box of treasures
SMWS B3.2 Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Bun
SMWS B4.2 Intense Woody Spice and Perfumed Sweetness
SMWS G1.12 Mouth Puckering Sweetness
SMWS G10.1 - Thanksgiving Dram
SMWS G10.2 - Sweet and substantial
SMWS G10.5 A Schweppervescence Moment
SMWS G12.1 Oh so sweet
SMWS G13.1 A complete revelation
SMWS G3.5 - Chocolate Cafe Latte
SMWS G3.7 Sailing Home Under a Smiling Sun
SMWS G5.6 - Bye, Bye Miss American Rye
SMWS G9.1 - Sweet and Sour Melange
SMWS R2.3 Visiting A Gothic Art Gallery

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