Label 5 Classic Black
This particular dram i sourced via fellow whisky blogger and enthusiast Franck who was kind enough to buy a bottle at a french supermarket for me and send it all the way back to Scotland

Big Peat Christmas Edition 2011 (Douglas Laing)
I managed to miss this dram but luckily my good friend Steve (@steveprentice) from Somerset Whisky Blog had a bottle and sent me a dram of it.

Big Peat Christmas Edition 2013 (Douglas Laing)
I loved this dram so much when it came out that i bought 2 bottles and still have around 1/2 a bottle left.

Port Charlotte Islay Barley
This Port Charlotte Islay Barley, is the most recent release from the Port Charlotte stable and is a pleasure to drink.

Port Charlotte Scottish Barley
This Port Charlotte Scottish Barley, which i happen to now have an unopened bottle of, is a cracking dram that i'm glad my very good friend Yoav (@yoavgel) of Whisky Gospel sent me to sample.

Elements of Islay PL2
This Elements of Islay PL2 sample was courtesy of fellow blogger Chris Miles (@chrismiles303) of the Still Dramming Blog.

SMWS 127.33 Mouth-numbing mountaineering dram
This The Scotch Malt Whisky Society 127.33 Mouth-numbing mountaineering dram was the first The Scotch Malt Whisky Society that i helped my good friend Matt Veira (@mattveira)

Big Peat Christmas Edition 2014 (Douglas Laing)
Big Peat from Douglas Laing is a really well known Islay blended malt which has now been releasing an annual Christmas Limited run for a few years and this is the 2014 version.

Highland Park 28yr Executive Decision (Douglas Laing)
Executive Decision is the non UK version of Douglas Laing's Directors Cut branding with the liquid split between the two brands.

Laphroaig 15yr cask sample (Douglas Laing)
A Laphroaig 15 year old cask sample from Douglas Laing now that just sounds like heaven to me.

Miltonduff 18yr cask sample (Douglas Laing)
A fabulous Miltonduff 18 year old cask sample from Douglas Laing you can't really go wrong with that can you.

Jura 22yr Old Particular (Douglas Laing)
A 22 year old Jura from Douglas Laing's Old Particular range was always going to grab my attention and it really fought it out with the Mystery Single Grain for my favourite dram of the day.

Mystery Single Grain Cask Sample (Douglas Laing)
This Mystery Single Grain from Douglas Laing is likely to end up in the Clan Denny rangeand i'm desperate to know when it will be available as I want a bottle now.

Linkwood 17yr Old Particular (Douglas Laing)
This fabulous Linkwood 17 Year Old from Douglas Laing's Old Particular range, tasted at a visit to their Glasgow headquarters, was just all fruit and sweetness.

Dalmore 17yr Old Particular (Douglas Laing)
I've never been tottaly sure on the sherried Own bottlings from Dalmore but this 17 year old ex bourbon from Douglas Laing's Old Particular range, tasted at a visit to their Glasgow headquarters, real

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