Hazelburn 10 Year Old
Today I've been helping Tom with his back to the basics campaign , by drinking Hazelburn 10yr (tough job).

Glen Moray 18yr Elgin Heritage
The top of the range dram from Glen Morays Elgin Heritage range and matured in a first fill american oak barrels is this 18 year old.

Glen Moray 15yr Elgin Heritage
The next level dram from Glen Morays Elgin Heritage range and matured in a combination of american oak and european ex sherry oak.

Glen Moray 12yr Elgin Heritage
The entry level dram from Glen Morays Elgin Heritage range and matured exclusively in American Oak casks, this dram was described to me by The distillery’s Iain Allan as the typical Speyside dram and to be fair I can’t disagree.

Glen Moray Mastery
The most expensive release from Glen Moray that i've seen in my time drinking whisky, and that includes me having drank through some SMWS bottlings around the same age as me, so this has to be pretty special.

Big Peat 25 Year Old - The Gold Edition
Big Peat, as anyone who knows me, is a huge favourite in my whisky collection and when a 25 year old version is available well thats just even more exciting.

Trois Rivieres Cuvee de lOcean
Another from the 2017 Drinks By The Dram Rum advent calendar, this time the Trois Rivieres Cuvee de lOcean.

Bowmore 26yr 1991 The Chairman’s Legacy (Carn Mor Bequest)
This limited edition Bowmore made up from four casks from 1991 marks the retirement of Morrison and Mackays chairman Brian Morrison

Glenfiddich Experimental Series - Winter Storm
Following on from the first two drams in the Experimental series, the IPA and the XX this third in the series has been finished in sweet Canadian Ice wine casks, a delicious sweet dessert wine.

Monkey Shoulder – Smokey Monkey
Presenting Smokey Monkey! Currently bar trade only and is only at a select few bars 30 in London, 10 across the rest of the UK and some in France (don’t know the exact numbers for France).

Woods 100 Old Navy Rum
Another from the 2017 Drinks By The Dram Rum advent calendar.

Ron Zacapa Centenario Sistema Solera 23
Back at the tail end of last year i was offered the opportunity to sample a Drinks By The Dram advent calendar, my biggest issue with that is that the Whisky ones offer a large amount of drams that i've already sampled and reviewed for the blog, and with a backlog already of samples it was time for something different.

Compass Box Phenomenology
'Phenomenology: The Philosophical study of the Structures of experience and consciousness' Epic Name.

Compass Box No Name
This is Compass Box's 'Peatiest Dram Yet' (Damn Right) this Whisky is an absolute beast, 75.5% of this liquid is from Ardbeg (one of my personal favourites) and it really comes through.

Springbank 14 Year Old Bourbon Wood
It has been a quite a while since I last reviewed for Tom, no real reason other than work, tasting whisky without dissecting the flavours or taking notes, just enjoying whisky the way I fell in love with whisky and probably to annoy Tom, some laziness.

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