Teeling 2002 Single Port Cask
Thanks to my very good friend Jon (@dvdbloke) from Scotch and Sci-Fi for the sample of this port cask matured Teeling Irish Whiskey.

Aultmore 25yr Burns Malt (The Whisky Barrel)
I'm a big fan of Aultmore and especially the higher strength versions which come through really well, Aultmore is a dram in demand with blenders due to the wonderful flavour profile of this distillery.

Glen Scotia 1991 Benchmark (Murray McDavid)
This dram was part of the Murray McDavid tweet tasting a while back, I unfortunately missed the tasting and have caught up since.

English Whisky Peated (The Whisky Exchange Exclusive)
Another of the 2015 exclusive drams from The Whisky Exchange this English Whisky Company peated dram is the fourth form their range that I tried today.

Glen Moray Peated Classic
I've yet to taste a Glen Moray dram that I didn't like, everything is sweet, sometimes it might not be earth shattering but it's always moreish and highly drinkable.

Big Peat Christmas Edition 2015 (Douglas Laing)
This is the fifth Christmas Edition of Big Peat, with the first being back in 2011. I've seriously enjoyed every single version of this dram, and I'm excited to be trying this one.

Pedro Ximenez Don Guido V.O.S.
The sweetness in here is extreme, a bit too extreme in that i could drink this with a salty cheese etc but on it’s own it’s too cloying for me, but still delicious.

Isabela Cream
And i could drink this one all night long, sweet, but not too sweet, hints of spice and a long sweet, bot dry, finish, oh yes please, a bottle of this for Christmas day i think.

Oloroso Emperatriz Eugenia
Very familiar due to the use of oloroso casks in whisky, very nutty and still a little too tarte on the palate for me, remember i don’t really drink wine at all. Not for me on the palate although this is the first one i could really drink a decent amount of.

Amontillado (Gutiérrez Colosía)
The nose on this Sherry is fabulous, it does everything i would want in something to drink and is even quite whisky like in nature, the palate however didn’t do it for me, just too tarte for my palate.

Soluqua Manzanilla Pasada
Some of the others got this much saltier on the nose than i did, maybe it’s just something i don’t pick up too well, it’s very drinkable, even for a sherry novice like me.

Port Charlotte 12yr Burns Malt (The Whisky Barrel)
I'm a huge fan of pretty much the everything that Bruichladdich distill (well except the Bruichladdich Rocks) and I seriously love Port Charlotte with that lovely creamy peat smoke and huge taste.

Aldi Highland Black 8 Years Old
Thanks once again to my friend Andy (@Andysinc41) for this sample which he was really excited about especially for the £12.99 price tag.

Kilchoman 2010 4yr (The Whisky Exchange Exclusive)
A single cask Kilchoman bottled exclusively for The Whisky Exchange, this 4 year old dram really has me excited, I have big expectations for this dram.

Yula 20 Years Old (Douglas Laing)
Inspired by the Norse goddess Yula is a recently released blended malt which will form part of a trilogy from the awesome Douglas Laing.

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