anCnoc 1999 Vintage
I was lucky enough recently to win a place on this anCnoc Vintages tweet tasting, I've been lucky enough to have tasted the anCnoc 2000 vintage previously but this 1999 and the 2001 are new to me.

Tormore 1997 Connoisseurs Choice (Gordon and MacPhail)
Yet another from the Gordon and MacPhail Wood Makes the Whisky campaign is this 1997 Tormore, a distillery I've not spent a huge amount of time with in the past.

Tomatin 2003 PX Finish (Bresser and Timmer)
A fabulous PX cask Tomatin single cask bottled for Bresser and Timmer in the Netherlands

Macallan 25yr Batch 5 (That Boutiquey Whisky Co)
So the That Boutiquey Whisky Company drams now all have age statements and this, now sold out, Macallan 25 year old is one of the first to feature the age statement.

Benriach 1997 Connoisseurs Choice (Gordon and MacPhail)
Yet another from the Gordon and MacPhail Wood Makes the Whisky campaign is this 1997 Benriach from the connoisseurs choice range, and ex bourbon cask matured so very much up my street.

Benrinnes 30yr XOP (Douglas Laing)
Benrinnes is pretty much one of my bogey distilleries having absolutely hated this dram which pretty much put me off sherried whiskies entirely.

Rosebank 1990 (Gordon and MacPhail)
Over the years I've made no bones of hiding my love for the Lowland distillery Rosebank, closed a few years after i turned 18 this triple distilled Lowland lady still holds strings on my heart.

The Epicurean (Douglas Laing)
Recently announced by Douglas Laing and Co is the 5th addition to their Remarkable Regional malts range of blended malts.

Hoebeg (Robert Graham)
Hoebeg is a single malt from an unnamed Islay distillery and is bottled by Robert Graham, a small independent bottler and retailer with shops in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cambridge and London.

Hazelburn 14yr Single Cask (One Off)
Many thanks to my good friend Barry (@thewhiskyphiles) from The WhiskyPhiles blog for this sample of Hazelburn 14 year old in a rum cask.

SMWS B4.2 Intense Woody Spice and Perfumed Sweetness
I've had some differing experiences with Scotch Malt Whisky Society bourbons so when Ben (@ben_cops) from Bens Whisky Blog sent me this little sample of B4.2 Intense Woody Spice and Perfumed Sweetness I was intrigued and curious to try it.

Ardbeg Dark Cove (Standard Release)
The 2016 Feis Ile release from Ardbeg is this Dark Cove, the committee release was released a few weeks ago at a higher ABV and this release will officially be available to buy on Ardbeg Day on the 28th May.

Laphroaig Lore
The latest release from Laphroaig this dram was revealed by Laphroaig's very own John Campbell as having whiskies 7 year old 21 year old and 3 other ages in between.

North British 24yr Old Particular (Douglas Laing)
I've really enjoyed lots of the single grain I've tasted recently, and the ladies and gents at Douglas Laing know how to pick a damn good whisky so this is exciting to try.

Cearban (Robert Graham)
Cearban, Gaelic for Basking Shark, is a blended malt from Robert Graham consisting of coastal malts from around Scotland.

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