The Blogger Backlash
This week I finally found time to read through the launch issue of Cask and Still Magazine (Issue 1 is available to download for free from www.caskandstillmagazine.co.uk)

Whisky Blogging Made Me Rich?
Many people outside the whisky blogging community, and even lots of friends, think that whisky blogging obviously makes people rich, i mean come on every other type of blogging does, doesn't it?

I Really Want A Glenfarclas 60
Back in June the awesome guys at Glenfarclas released a new 60 Year Old Expression and I really want a bottle.

Whisky Tourism - Were Doing It Wrong
Usually when I’m in Edinburgh Airport it’s for work, but recently I was there to catch up with a friend for a quick beer before they returned to South Africa.

The SMWS - A Home From Home
I'm going to state the obvious here and say

Theres no whisky too rare to drink
It's not often that i'll post an

The Worst Whisky In The World Ever
I really enjoy some interesting discussions, especially ones that might cause a little un-nervy-ness amongst people.

Whisky Price Comparison - My View
Whisky is like many of today's 'luxury' items and people are forever looking for the cheapest way to own a particular bottle,

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