Isle of Jura Tweet Tasting
I've never made any secret of my love for Isle of Jura Whiskies, i love all their expressions, there's just something about them that clicks for me so doing a tweet tasting would be awesome.

Balblair Tweet Tasting
I managed to wangle a wee invite to a Twitter Tasting of Balblair Whisky organised by Alembic Comms who are doing a grand job promoting both Whisky and Beer in Scotland.

2 Great Men 3 Great Whiskies 8 Great Whisky Shops
Following on from this original story about this Whisky World Record I was stupid enough to brave the elements, get out of bed at 3am ish and head into Edinburgh to this event.

Whisky Fringe 2012
I managed to bear with the slow website issues caused by so many people trying to access the site as i purchased my 2012 Whisky Fringe tickets.

Isle of Jura Presents
I was lucky enough to recently, by way of virtue receive some lovely gifts from the Isle of Jura Whisky company for helping to promote them

The First Jurameet
The very first ever Jurameet took place on the 18th April 2012 at the Black Bull Inn in Mid Calder.

Cutty Sark Tweet Tasting
The Cutty Sark Tweet Tasting organised by Steve Rush from www.thewhiskywire.com was the second such tasting that i'd been involved in.

Cooley Distilleries Tweet Tasting
The Cooley Distilleries Tweet Tasting organised by Steve Rush from www.thewhiskywire.com was the first such tweet tasting that i was involve

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