Thatchers Somerset Rose Cider
Blended and blushed from the rosiest apples by Thatchers this really caught my eye on the shelf.

Henneys Vintage Herefordshire Still Cider 2014
Another new cider producer for next this is Henneys and their Vintage Herefordshire Still Cider 2014.

Thatchers Single Variety Katy Cider
This single variety Somerset cider from Thatchers was recommended to me by my good friend Steve (@steveprentice) from Somerset Whisky Blog.

Kopparberg Spiced Apple Cider
Continuing my series of cider reviews with this Kopparberg Spiced Apple Cider.

Somersby Cider with Apple Burst
I loved the Cider with Cranberry from Somersby so this Apple Burst was top of my list to try next.

Somersby Cider with Cranberry
Another fruity cider this time from Somersby this cider with cranberry is an interesting choice, and reminds me of a few other fruity ciders that I need to pick up soon.

Thatchers 2013 Vintage Oak Aged Somerset Cider
Another Cider review on the blog, this time from Thatchers. This is the 2013 vintage picked up from my local supermarket.

Chaplin and Corks Somerset Reserve Cider
Something you will begin to see much more of as I intend to add more cider and beer reviews to the site over the coming weeks and months.

Sheppys Oak Matured Vintage Cider
So when I first set up this blog the intention was to only review Whisky (or Whiskey) but to be honest I drink way more than just Whisky so over the last few years some Ciders (mainly fruity ones from Sweden), Rum, Tequila and Gin and more have all featured on the blog.

Stella Cidre Elderflower
It's not just Whisky on this blog and I'm reviewing her another fruity Cider, this time the Stella Cidre Elderflower.

Rekorderlig Wild Berries Cider
A while back i reviewed a few Ciders and have been meaning to continue doing that, so here's another Rekorderlig review this time the Wild Berries flavour

Iduns Elderflower Cider
It's been a wee while since i posted a review of something thats not whisky so time for for yet another Cider review.

Rekorderlig Peach & Apricot Cider
Carrying on from my recent cider reviews is yet another, as we come into Summer properly (hopefully) i'll be drinking a bit more fruit cider

Briska Swedish Craft Pomegranate Cider
I have said before that this site won't just feature Whisky Reviews but that i might throw in the occasional curveball,

Briska Swedish Craft Pear Cider
I have said before that this site won't just feature Whisky Reviews but that i might throw in the occasional curveball,

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