SMWS 9.82 Breathe in Long
Another from The Scotch Malt Whisky Society whisky for a year selection from this year as November's bottle was this 9.82 Breathe in Long, the second bottle we received this this distillery.

SMWS 72.37 Early Morning Walk
I was lucky enough to try this The Scotch Malt Whisky Society 72.37 Early Morning Walk on a recent visit to Queen Street with some friends to celebrate my friends birthday.

SMWS 37.56 Sweet Tart and Spicy
Always loving trying a The Scotch Malt Whisky Society whisky thats from a distillery that i haven't tried single cask whisky from so this 37.56 Sweet Tart and Spicy was a welcome treat.

A Quartet of Benromach
A wee exploration of some of the past and present Benromach range including some of the really sweet options.

Benromach Origins Batch 4 Port Pipes
I really like sweet Port finished whiskies so when i noticed this Benromach Origins Batch 4 had spent it's entire 10 year life in Port pipes i couldnt resist buying a bottle.

Benromach 2000 Port Finish
I really like sweet Port finished whiskies so when i noticed this Benromach 2000 port finish it jumped up my to get list and a bottle was purchased.

Benromach Sassicaia Wood Finish
Knowing that i like sweet Port finished whiskies my friend Adrian (@mynameisgone) from the Whisky Chronicle blog sent me a sample of this Benromach Sassicaia.

Benromach 100 Proof
A 10 year old 100 degree proof (UK so 57% ABV) Benromach, yes i don't mind if i do.

New Glasgow Distillery Acquires Rare Single Cask Whiskies
A precious batch of aged single malt Speyside casks has been acquired by Glasgow Distillery and is to be launched under the brand name Prometheus.

My Thoughts on 3 Label 5 Drams
I'd heard good things about this blended whisky Brand which seems to only be available in France, or from some very specialist shops or at the Glen Moray distillery in Elgin, who have the same owners,

Label 5 Gold Heritage
I'd like to thank Iain (@iain_g_allan) the Visitor Centre Manager at Glen Moray for the very generous sample of this hard to find blended dram.

Label 5 12 Year Old
After discussing with Iain (@iain_g_allan) the Visitor Centre Manager at Glen Moray how much i was interested in label 5 and had arranged a bottle of the Classic Black from France Iain let me know tha

Label 5 Classic Black
This particular dram i sourced via fellow whisky blogger and enthusiast Franck who was kind enough to buy a bottle at a french supermarket for me and send it all the way back to Scotland

Big Peat Knows How to Do Christmas
At Christmas when it's cold and wintery outside there's nothing better than a lovely smoky dram to take away the dreary weather and Big Peat is an exceptional choice for this.

Big Peat Christmas Edition 2011 (Douglas Laing)
I managed to miss this dram but luckily my good friend Steve (@steveprentice) from Somerset Whisky Blog had a bottle and sent me a dram of it.

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