Arran Batch 3 (That Boutique-y Whisky Company)
This Arran dram was part of one of the Christmas Crackers that I was sent by Maverick Drinks.

Arran 17 Year Old
The penultimate release as Arran count down to the release of an 18 year old in 2015, this is quite an exciting time and represents currently the oldest Arran whisky available.

How Could I Have Missed That Distillery?
As part of my plans for 2015 I'm intending on ticking off many of the Scottish malt distilleries that I don't have any reviews from.

Glenlivet 1998 (Whiskybrother Exclusive)
Occasionally as a Whisky Blogger I get to try some fabulous and exclusive whiskies and this Glenlivet 1998 bottled exclusively for the Whisky Brother Shop in South Africa is one such bottle.

Balcones True Blue 100
Thanks to Dave (@whiskydiscovery) from the Whisky Discovery Blog for the sample of this Balcones True Blue 100.

Auchentoshan Bottle Your Own 2001
I received my bottle of this Auchentoshan Bottle Your Own 2001 back in August when on my #IslayRoadTrip

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky
I received this Crown Royal sample from Joe (@whiskytube) who you can watch his review videos on Youtube here and I'm really quite unsure of it.

Tomatin Bottle Your Own 2002 ex bourbon
Back in 2013 I won a wee competition for a VIP tour at Tomatin (full article here) and whilst there i bought a bottle of the Bottle Your Own, ex Bourbon cask.

Whisky Blogging Made Me Rich?
Many people outside the whisky blogging community, and even lots of friends, think that whisky blogging obviously makes people rich, i mean come on every other type of blogging does, doesn't it?

Glenmorangie Sherry Wood Finish
This Glenmorangie Sherry Wood Finish is the first review of 2015 and is a really special dram, not only was it the last dram I had in 2014 and the first i had in 2015 (as it was my new year dram) it w

4 Indie Tomatins
It's no secret that i enjoy a few good drams of Tomatin every now and then, and i've had these samples of Independent bottlings of Tomatin for a while now, so was time to get then tried and tasted.

Tomatin 1991 Cask 51 (Berry Bros & Rudd)
Thanks to Johnnie (@JohnnieStumbler) from The Nosing Arse blog for this sample of 1991 Tomatin from Berry Bros and Rudd.

Tomatin 19yr Small Batch (Cadenheads)
Thanks to Ben (@ben_cops) from Bens Whisky blog for spotting this 19 year old Tomatin from Cadenhead's which we split and sent our friend Steve (@steveprentice) a wee dram of.

Tomatin 20yr Old Particular (Douglas Laing)
Thanks to Ben (@ben_cops) from Bens Whisky blog for the sample of this 20 Year Old Tomatin from Douglas Laing's Old Particular Range.

Tomatin 19yr Island of Fidra (Lockett Bros)
Back around the early part of 2014 I seen a review of this Island of Fidra Tomatin on Barry's (@thewhiskyphiles) The Whisky Philes blog and really fancied i and so it became one of the fabulous bottle

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