Kilchoman Club Release - Third Edition
I was really quite excited about the possibility of this Kilchoman Club Release Third Edition after hearing about it's Maderia cask maturation as the Port cask dram was superb.

Glenrothes 1975 Vintage
2015 is a big year for me personally as it is my 40th in May, as such I will be posting a number of 1975 vintages or 40 year old whiskies this year, starting with this Back Glenrothes 1975.

The King’s Ginger
Back during my trip to Glenrothes Distillery (details here) whilst out on the rolling hills with a Landrover and a Shotgun we tried some of this The King's Ginger both straight and with the addition o

Weekly Review to 18th January 2015
Time for this weeks review of everything posted between the 12th and 18th January, these weekly reviews are something that will be posted every week which will arrive late Sunday, or early Monday.

Fettercairn 30 Year Old
Many thanks to Steve (@steveprentice) from the Somerset Whisky who shared his official sample of Fettercairn 30 year old with myself.

Tesco Value Scotch Whisky
Many thanks to Lynne and Fraser, the parents of my best friend Kinor, who very kindly passed me this bottle after winning it in a raffle.

SMWS 55.23 Chow Mein on a Workbench
This is my first The Scotch Malt Whisky Society dram from this particular distillery, in fact i've only tried a couple (now) from this distillery.

Jameson Unveils New Annual Packaging Release
Jameson, the world's favourite Irish whiskey, has unveiled the Good Workers, Great Whiskey limited edition carton

Strathclyde 1973 Cask 74061 (Duncan Taylor)
I'm still getting through my backlog of samples and this Strathclyde 1973 Cask 74061 from Duncan Taylor sample came from Adrian (@mynameisgone) from Whisky Chronicle blog.

Glen Moray 25yr Port Finish
I'd tried this dram once or twice at Festivals and then was sent a sample by Dave (@whiskydiscovery) from the Whisky Discovery blog which has sat in my sample cupboard for too long now.

Bruichladdich Launch New Travel Retail Peat Expressions
Bruichladdich are today on a Viking Line cruise while crossing the Baltic Sea launching two new Travel Retail exclusive Peated expressions.

Port Charlotte PC12
I recently reviewed four fabulous Port Charlotte expressions from Bruichladdich and so it was fabulous to get the opportunity to try this Port Charlotte PC12 just as it launches.

SMWS Ultimate 2014 Highlights
The last year, 2014, was a great year for me with The Scotch Malt Whisky Society as i reviewed 100 of their drams and got to taste some exceptional whiskies.

SMWS 1.183 A Vibrant Enigma
A very special The Scotch Malt Whisky Society dram is 1.183 A Vibrant Enigma as it's the oldest dram ever bottled by them, at an astonishing 48 years old.

SMWS 91.20 The Rumbling Thunder of Contentment
Always great to taste some old whisky and this The Scotch Malt Whisky Society 91.20 The Rumbling Thunder of Contentment is only a couple of years younger than me.

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