Hibiki Japanese Harmony Masters Select
I've not experienced as many Japanese whiskies as I would have liked to thus far so when the opportunity arose to get some of this Hibiki I jumped at the chance.

Glenmorangie A Midwinter Nights Dram
This was very recently announced Inspired by the long held tradition where The Sixteen Men of Tain were treated with a special whisky in the festive season this dram has created by Dr Bill Lumsden.

Old Pulteney 17 Year Old
I can't believe I've not reviewed this before, it's a dram I've tried at many an event but I've still not managed to review it on the blog as yet.

The Deveron 18 Year Old
This time last year I was lucky enough to try a work in progress version of this dram. at a slightly more palatable 46% abv.

Values Soar as Demand for Rare Whisky Booms
Back in August I received a Press Release about Whisky valuations that has sat in my to-do folder every since. With the day job being very busy and my thoughts on investing in and collecting whisky this article has sat for while without me doing much about it.

Changing of The Guard at Bruichladdich
There has been a sense of a changing of the guard at Bruichladdich with industry legends Jim McEwan and Duncan McGillivray both retiring from the company in the recent past.

Robert Anderson Inducted as Keeper of the Quaich
Robert Anderson, CEO of the Tomatin Distillery Co Ltd. was invited to enter the esteemed Keepers of the Quaich society and inducted at the bi-annual ceremony at Blair Castle on Monday 5th October.

The Deveron 12 Year Old
This time last year I was lucky enough to try a work in progress version of this dram. It was at the same 40% ABV as this one.

Loch Lomond 1996 (Murray McDavid Select Grain)
Back in July I managed to miss the Twitter tasting for this range of Murray McDavid drams due to being held up at work and it's taken me a while to catch up and get to these drams.

The Balvenie Unveil the DCS Compendium
One of the most momentous whisky collections ever created, The Balvenie DCS Compendium, is unveiled today. The Compendium celebrates the lifetime’s work of The Balvenie Malt Master David Charles Stewart (DCS), a legendary figure in the Scotch whisky industry, more than five decades after he first started work at the distillery.

Royal Mile Whiskies Release 40 Year Old Blended Malt
Sometimes when sat behind the keyboard there's a newsletter, or Facebook post or Twitter status that just takes my eye and I have to share it with everyone, this is one of those occasions as Royal Mile Whiskies release a 40 Year Old Blended malt.

Stella Cidre Elderflower
It's not just Whisky on this blog and I'm reviewing her another fruity Cider, this time the Stella Cidre Elderflower.

English Whisky Classic (The Whisky Exchange Exclusive)
I've not had much from the English Whisky Company, and what I've had has been hit or miss for me with some great and some poor, so I've gone into this with a bit of trepidation and a cup full of hope.

Spirit of Speyside Becomes Twice Annual
Speyside’s leading malt whisky producers will unite on their own doorstep for the first time - to launch a brand new ‘dramfest’ organised by the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival.

The Arran Malt Limited Release - The Bothy
The Arran Single Malt are delighted to present their final new release of the year which will be available for sale in their web shop at 11am on Monday 19th October.

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