SMWS 36.103 Ivory Keys
This Scotch Malt Whisky Society 36.103 Ivory Keys is one of those bogey distilleries where i've had issues in the past, with heavily sherried, so a bit wary of this first fill ex bourbon barrel.

White Horse Glen Elgin
This White Horse Glen Elgin dates back to the 1990s and was bottled exclusively for the Japanese market.

Glenlivet Cipher
The Glenlivet Cipher is a really interesting dram, it's a no age statement mystery dram from Glenlivet, in a similar way to Glenlivet Alpha.

Timorous Beastie 21 Year Old
The Remarkable Regional Malts are tasty, very tasty, and Timorous Beastie is my favourite of the five malts, so trying this 21 year old Sherry edition is one I was really intrigued by.

Mortlach 1997 Port Finish (Malts of Scotland)
I'm a huge fan of port matured or finished drams, i really enjoy the jam like qualities that they have and prefer the sweetness from them to the mostly spicy, nuty oloroso casks that many others prefer.

Glen Grant 1949 Speyside Collection (Gordon and MacPhail)
When Gordon and MacPhail recently announced the Speyside Collection I was in awe of the array of stunning old drams that were included in the list, when samples arrived I was even more enthralled.

Lost whisky legends land in Scotlands capital
Boutique Scotch whisky producer, The Lost Distillery Company, has announced its first retail partnership in Edinburgh with multi-award winning shop, The Whiski Rooms.

Glen Marnoch 28 Year Old
I've got a large collection of supermarket malt samples to get through, but recently I had this 2016 release of a 28 year old Speyside single malt from Aldi, courtesy of a sample from my good friend Barry at The Whiskyphiles blog.

My Top 5 Whiskies Reviewed in 2016
It's almost the end of yet another year, and as 2016 draws to a close, all around people are giving their opinions on what are, were, or will be the best of something or other, so I really should do the same shouldn't I.

Glenmorangie Launch Exquisite Vintage Collection
Glenmorangie is proud to announce the launch of the Distillery’s new vintage collection, Bond House No. 1. This exclusive collection of limited releases explores the origins of Glenmorangie's most prestigious reserves of aged whisky, each distilled in a single year. The inaugural expression, Glenmorangie Grand Vintage Malt 1990, tells its own story of an extraordinary spirit which emerged, against all odds, from the most challenging harvest in living memory.

Ben Bracken 27 Year Old
I've got a large collection of supermarket malt samples to get through, but recently I had this 2016 release of a 27 year old Speyside single malt from Lidl, courtesy of a sample from my good friend Barry at The Whiskyphiles blog.

Benromach 1973 Vintage
I've was lucky enough to be selected to join the Benromach Christmas Tweet Tasting, in conjunction with The Whisky Wire, and this 1973 vintage was the dram of the evening.

Glendronach 1985 cask 1037 PX Sherry Puncheon
This 1985 vintage matured in PX is a bit of an odd-ball as i was expecting it to be far sweeter than it was, with notes of spices, and lindt chocolate with chilli being at the front and some gentle sweetness hiding in the background.

Orchard Pig Charmer
It's almost Christmas and i'm still drinking Cider, this is yet another Supermarket find that i've picked up to try.

Glendronach 2002 PX Sherry Puncheon Cask 1504
I've been lucky enough to try a lot of good whiskies, some great whiskies and a handful of amazing whiskies over the years and even i was excited by the range of single casks in Glendronachs batch 14 releases.

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