Lossit - Classic Selection (The Lost Distillery Company)
The Lost Distillery Company spend a lot of time and effort researching the history of long gone distilleries and looking at the flavour profiles they are likely to have had, before recreating as a blended malt.

Now In Stores 25th September 2017
I made an attempt to do a full range of Now in Store articles in the past but they were such hard work with tracking them all down then adding them to the system and editing images etc so it fell by the wayside.

Dumbarton 30 Sovereign (The Whisky Barrel 10th Anniversary)
Dumbarton has been one of my bogey distillereis for some time, i've tried it a few times at events and festivals but never written notes on any of them, until now.

Glenturret 22yr Barolo Finish (Whisky Broker)
Glenturret holds a real candle in my heart as it was the first distillery i ever visited, way back in the very late 1990s and is one i generally really like the flavours of.

Glenrothes 1997 19yr (Claxtons)
Another single cask example from Claxtons, this time a heavy sherried whisky from Glenrothes.

The Great Score Debate
There have been hundreds, if not thousands, of debates around the world in all forms of communication about the pros and cons of systems for scoring whisky, this article won’t regurgitate all of that, but it will look at why we don’t do scoring on this site at present, and then it might present a way of scoring whiskies that really is more personal and thoughtful.

Longrow 18 Year Old (2017)
Longrow, the heavily peated version of Springbank, is a dram i've not had a huge amount of times but i have enjoyed many i have had.

Kilkerran 8 year old cask strength
I've been really impressed with the drams coming from Kilkerran (or Glen Gyle Distillery) and i really love their softer elements in comparison to Springbank.

Hazelburn 13 Oloroso Cask
Hazelburn is unpeated and triple distilled Springbank and i generally love it to bits, it's got a hint of that oily dirty and maltiness that typifies Campbeltown but without the peat.

Glen Scotia 2002 Cask #164 Peated
This single cask distillery exclusive peated malt was distilled in 2002, 410 bottles at 45% ABV were bottled from the cask.

A Selection of Campbeltown Malts
Campbeltown used to be one of the biggest areas for the production and distillation of whisky, and it still stirs the hearts of many a whisky enthusiast nowadays.

Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye
In the 2016 Whisky Bible Jim Murray nominated this Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye as the best whisky in the world, starting an buying frenzy, but is it actually any good.

Rosebank 14 Year Old The Ultimate Cask 4766 (Van Wees)
Thanks to Jason of Malt Review, for a small sample of this tasty single cask Rosebank.

Benrinnes 1995 Cask #9057 (The Single Malts of Scot land)
I've seen a number of Independent bottlers with Benrinnes from 1995, all have been very tasting and this one from Speciality Brands label The Single Malts of Scotland, is another beauty.

Longmorn 1967 Speyside Collection (Gordon and MacPhail)
Yet another for me to try from the Gordon and MacPhail Wood Makes the Whisky campaign is this 1967 Vintage Longmorn, which makes me feel like a young whipper snapper.

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