Festive Five Tweet Tasting

Just before Christmas i took part in a Festive Drams tweet tasting from Steve Rush (@thewhiskywire) from The Whisky Wire and Arkwrights.

The purpose of this tweet tasting was to taste five cracking festive drams that you wouldn't normally associate with this time of the year and all of them were great choices and i would happily have all five in my own whisky cupboard.

Hibiki 12 Year Old Hibiki 12 Year Old

First up on this selection of Festive beauties was this cracking blended dram from Japan, I've had quite a bit of Japanese whisky recently, with more coming very soon, and i was really impressed with this dram.

A cracking dram available to buy at Arkwrights now.

Bottle Name Hibiki 12 Year Old
Bottler Hibiki
Distiller Hibiki
Age* 12
ABV 43%
Nose light and fresh, has that bourbony, grain whisky type note fresh pine cones and some crunchy fruits (apples pears) with fresh honey honey and a hint of icing sugar in the background.
Taste quite savourey and a touch of gentle spices with pine needles and bramley apples, with honey and icing sugar
Finish light and fresh

Penderyn SherrywoodPenderyn Sherrywood

I've had a few Penderyn whiskies now and been very impressed with all that i have had thus far, they certainly are beginning to produce some lovely drams and this is no different.

It's not currently available from Arkwrights but keep trying as it will come back in to stock.

Bottle Name Penderyn Sherrywood
Bottler Penderyn
Distiller Penderyn
Age* NAS
ABV 46%

Butterscotch and puff candy with fresh fruit melon and kiwi with other tropical fruit notes and hints of freshly scraped vanilla pod hints of ginger and nutmeg on the end of the nose here.

Taste toffee and butterscotch with a hint of fresh fruit salad and rosewater
Finish Rosewater and ginger spice

SMWS 71.40 Glendronach 15 Year Old

One of my love hate distilleries this one as i love most of the whiskies coming from them and hate that they currently have such a wide variety of brilliant expressions available to buy.

This one is no different, it's not as sherry powerful as i was expecting it would be but i absolutely loved it.

Pop over to Arkwrights now for a bottle

Bottle Name Glendronach 15 Year Old
Bottler Glendronach
Distiller Glendronach
Age* 15
ABV 46%
Nose gentle oakiness, oak leaf sauce, hints of fresh peanut and some almond paste also, a little hint of rum & raisin ice cream with shloer grape juice.
Taste sweet and fruity with shloer white grape juice, some candied orange and galaxy chocolate
Finish grape juice and chocolate with icing sugar

Amrut KadhambamAmrut Kadhambam

I've had some absolutely brilliant Amrut drams over the years and some that i just wasn't inspired by but this is defintely one of the brilliant ones, the chocolate and mint work amazingly well with the melon and fruity notes.

Hunt one out now from Arkwrights, you will not be disappointed

Bottle Name Amrut Kadhambam
Bottler Amrut
Distiller Amrut
Age* NAS
ABV 50%

after eight mint chocolates with dried fruit cake and fresh honeydew melon with a touch of digestive biscuit and overcooked oatcakes with manuka honey, goes very slightly smoky if left in the glass for a while.

Taste sweet fruits with sour dough notes and hints of gentle smoke mix with milk chocolate
Finish chocolate and smoke

Heartwood Release the BeastHeartwood Release The beast

WOW this is a cracker, Matured in two port barrels and then married in an Australian Sherry cask this cask strength cracker was a suprise addition as it is sold out everywhere.

keep and eye out on Arkwrights though for more from these Australian wonders.

Bottle Name Heartwood Release the Beast
Bottler Heartwood
Distiller Heartwood
Age* NAS
ABV 65.4%
Nose WOW, this is lovely, deep strong sherry notes of prunes, sultanas and raisins, caramel shortcake and vanilla cream, theres something madiera cake like about this too and even some christmas turkey spices like rosemary
Taste vanilla cream and huge caramel hit with some fresh fruits keeping this one balanced perfectly
Finish Hot hot hot, spicy and sweet