Balblair Vintages Twitter Tasting

The following drams were tasted at a BalblairVintages Tweet Tasting, I always enjoy doing twitter tastings and Balblair really do produce some fantastic drams, i really want a bottle of the Balblair 1975 for my 40th in a couple of years time.

Balblair 2003 Balblair 2003 Vintage

Pretty much the youngest of the vintages available this dram is around 10 years old and is seriously malty and with edges of bitter fruits.

Bottle Name Balblair 2003 Vintage
Bottler Balblair
Distiller Balblair
Age* 2003 Vintage
ABV 46.00%
Nose Touches of malt are the first to hit me then echoes of honeycomb and vanilla essence, quite oaky with touches of chalk and baby powder bringing up the rear along with touches of bitter grapefruit.
Taste Proper old fashioned wine gums with a very strong malt overview and a strong bitter fruitiness of pink grapefruit
Finish Short sweet initialy then growing peppery

Balblair 1990Balblair 1990 Vintage

WOW what a fantastic dram that really works hard and certainly one of the better ones in the balblair box of tricks, which is difficult as the entire range are fantastic.

Bottle Name Balblair 1990 Vintage
Bottler Balblair
Distiller Balblair
Age* 1990 Vintage
ABV 46.00%

Intitally this comes with huge notes of banana Fritters in a 70% dark chocolate fondue dip, with light fresh fruits, melon and kiwi with a hint of pineapple and sultanas, as it sits in the glass it becomes lighter and fruitier

Taste Spiced dark chocolate and nutmeg with sultanas and hints of plum juices and cinnamon
Finish hints of nutmeg and sultanas

Balblair 1983 Balblair 1983 Vintage

A real old gent, this cracker of a dram, which is 30 years old, or there abouts really shows just how good the raw spirit is with balblair, fruity and malty, a gorgeous old dram.

Bottle Name Balblair 1983 Vintage
Bottler Balblair
Distiller Balblair
Age* 1983 Vintage
ABV 46.00%
Nose Initially lots of bounty, chocolate coconut, with tropical fruits, banana fritters and melon chunks and hints of gentle spices
Taste sweet and spicy, melon and kiwi and cloves with a lot of maltyness and oak
Finish spicy and malty, with melon and pineapple