Laphroaig Twitter Tasting

I always love being on Steve Rush (@thewhiskywire) from The Whisky Wire's tweet tastings and this is no exception, a cracking set of core range expressions from the brilliant Islay smoker that is Laphroaig.

Laphroaig 10 Year Old Laphroaig 10 Year Old

One of the very first drams I had on my whisky journey and has some real special memories for me of a friend who is no longer with us. I've been a huge fan of the 10 Year Old for a long time now and even been a Friend of Laphroaig since way back in January 1998.

If you want a bottle why not pop over to The Green Welly Stop for a bottle.

10 Year
Bottle Name Laphroaig 10 Year Old
Bottler Laphroaig
Distiller Laphroaig
Age* 10
ABV 40%
Nose Over cooked oat cakes with medicinal cigar smoke, almost menthol cigarette, underneath is a lovely sweetness of baked pear tart tatin and bitter rhubard crumble
Taste initially pleasant undercooked doughy pastry which has been rubbed with pear juice, followed by a kick of good cigar smoke and oatcakes, touches of toffee apple in here also.
Finish The cigar smoke and oatcakes fades to Vanilla and Pastry

Laphroaig Quarter CaskLaphroaig Quarter Cask

I've had this dram a number of times before but times before, all before having the blog and i really am a big fan, it's so easy drinking it totally is an easy session dram that i would happily be able to drink a good number of drams of.

Buy your bottle of this double matured beauty now from The Green Welly Stop.

Bottle Name Laphroaig Quarter Cask
Bottler Laphroaig
Distiller Laphroaig
Age* NAS
ABV 48%

Oh a lot of sweetness in here before the smoke comes. The smoke is still very cigar like but theres a much much stronger note of freshly scraped vanilla pods, and doughy pastry which becomes much more biscuity, rich tea biscuits which have been dunked in milky tea

Taste creamy and vanilla, rich tea buscuits dunked in sugary milky tea accompanied by a romeo y julieta cigar
Finish cigar smoke with traditional rhubarb and custard sweets

Laphroaig Triple Wood Laphroaig Triple Wood

This dram is matured in ex-bourbon then the same quarter casks as before before a final maturation is some ex-sherry casks that really add something a bit different to this dram.

Once again the guys at The Green Welly Stop are hard to beat for this one.

Bottle Name Laphroaig Triple Wood
Bottler Laphroaig
Distiller Laphroaig
Age* NAS
ABV 48%
Nose Sweet like chocolate with belgian milk chocolate covered raisins and vanilla essence with a much lighter cigar smoke note than i was expecting, lots of biscuity notes in this also.
Taste Raisin and chocolate covered digestives with cinnamon topping and a cigar ash side order, there's a hint of demerera sugar in here also
Finish chocolate covered demerera sugar flavoured cigar.

Laphroaig 18 Year OldLaphroaig 18 Year Old

I've had this before and absolutely loved it, this is such a sweet dram underlying the gentle smokiness and it's so easy to drink and i would happily drink dram after dram of this.

The lovely The Green Welly Stop have this dram on a brilliant deam at the moment.

Bottle Name Laphroaig 18 Year Old
Bottler Laphroaig
Distiller Laphroaig
Age* 18
ABV 48%
Nose Oh my oh my this is like edible goodness in a glass, sweet demerera sugar covered xmas cake with chocolate shavings and a ver very light hint of smoke.
Taste Lindt lindor dark chocolate balls with cinnamon coating and a blast of smoke with black pepper
Finish Keeps going on and on with pepper covered chocolate