A Thank You To Douglas Laing & Co

What do you do when a whisky company you think are doing a brilliant job invite you to their Headquarters for a look around and a wee tasting? Well of course you say "yes please" and thats exactly what happened with Douglas Laing & Co Ltd as i popped out to see them last week.

A conversation on twitter, and with Cara Laing at Whisky Stramash, led to this visit being organised and it was good to meet up with fell #Whiskyfabric tweeter Neil MacKinnon as we stopped off for a quick refreshment at the Bon Accord before the short walk over to Douglas House to meet up with Jan Beckers, Douglas Laing & Co's global ambassador.

The walk up the stairs to the tasting room was filled with looking at framed prints of Big Peat and other Douglas Laing bottlings along with some strategically placed bottles which remind you of the wide range of products that are bottled by Douglas Laing.

The tasting room itself is a big comfy room with enough of a selection of drams to whet anyones appetite, decorated beautifully with lots of little touches that really make it feel like home. The table, which is a giant set of bellows, really caught my attention and whoever set out this room did so beautifully.

Jan, Neil and I had a good natter over all things whisky whilst tasting a few drams, which i'm not going to review here as some were work in progress or advanced previews, but suffice to say that every dram we tasted had us talking, every one of them unique and with flavours and smells that really demonstrate that Fred and Jan really are picking some fantastic casks and really do know what they're doing.

Fred and Cara both popped their heads in to say Hi and it was a good opportunity to express our thanks for the day and to give them our backing as from what I've seen from this visit, Douglas Laing & Co will be continueing to release some of the best whisky on the market and will be around for a long time to come.

Once again many thanks for having us and for your hospitality, I really can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve.

Tom Neil and Jan
Myself, Neil and Jan in the Douglas Laing Tasting Room