Whisky Fringe 2013

Whisky Fringe 2013 It's that time of year again, the time i've looked forward to for a number of years now as i appeared at Whisky Fringe for the 7th time, most of those have been at the current Mansfield Traquir location, although my first attendance was when it was hosted at the St Giles Legal Library.

It's always a good time to say hi to people i know and only get to see at whisky events so it was always good to say hi to David, Scott, Bobby, Roddy and the others from Glasgow's Whisky Club and then the people behind the counters including Ian from Glenlivet, Lili from Compass Box, Iain from Glen Moray and Cara and Jan from Douglas Laing.

As always there's a great display of cracking drams available to try, along with some interesting drinks from Drinkmonger of which i had a wee drop of the Plantation Rum and Danny Devito's Limoncello which was like drinking lemon drizzle cake. The boys

I was accompanied by the usual suspects (David, Steven and Richard) and as we are all massive fans of Tomatin it was no surprise that we voted for the Tomatin 30 as our dram of the day, with the Tomatin 14yr Hungarian Oak (the oak for which does actually come from Hungary as i was informed yesterday - sorry guys) coming a close second.

After the Fringe we went, along with pretty much the whole of Glasgow's Whisky Club up to the SMWS at Queen Street where Helen (who i'd bumped into at the Fringe), Ola and the rest of the SMWS team showed us once again why they are the best whisky location to visit in Edinburgh.

Longmorn and Balmenach Society bottlings

The two drams we had in the Society rooms (which you will need to google to see what they are as i'm not telling you) really showed once again the fabulous quality of the society whisky and why i'd recommend to anyone with an interest in good whisky to become a member.