A Grain Whisky Tweet Tasting

The following notes and information are taken from a Tweet Tasting organised by Steve Rush (@thewhiskywire) of The Whisky Wire in conjunction with Arkwrights and all the whiskies tasted were grain whiskies.

I've been really impressed with any grain whiskies i've had in the past and was really looking forward to this tasting but was unfortuanately struck down with a really sore throat and runny nose, i think mainly due to the stress of having University exams that same week. That meant i missed the tasting live but have since done the whiskies.

Cameron Brig Cameron Brig Pure Single Grain

First up was this Cameronbridge grain whisky from the chaps at Diageo, it's a Fife bases grain distillery which produces grain which will be used in blends such as Johnnie Walker and Bells (being that the owners are Diageo)

Bottle Name Cameron Brig Pure Single Grain
Bottler Cameronbridge
Distiller Cameronbridge
Age* NAS
ABV 40%
Nose I like the nose on this, it has that dewy grass note that i love from grain whisky and it also reminds me quite a bit of Bourbon, vanilla and demerera sugar and a touch of furniture polish.
Taste bourbon vanilla comes first then it goes sweet demerera sugar and dewy grass.
Finish quite hot on the finish, long with a bit of spike

Greenore 8 Year Old Greenore 8 Year Old

I tried this Single Grain Irish Whiskey previously on the Cooley Tweet Tasting and loved it then, today was no different it's a cracker of a dram and one worth hunting out, i'd love to try the older 15 year old version of this dram also.

Bottle Name Greenore 8 Year Old
Bottler Cooley
Distiller Cooley
Age* 8
ABV 40%
Nose freshly picked summer dew'd grass, very sweet, apples and pears almost cidery
Taste Vanilla pod explosion, definitely bourbonesque, honey and sweet spices
Finish BLOODY HELL that hits the spot, feel on the back of the mouth/throat - an experience

Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky

All the way from Japan this grain whisky from Nikka is likely to be included in some of their blends, such as Nikka From the Barrel and more and rightly so as it's a cracking dram really do like what the Japanese are doing with their whisky.

Bottle Name Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky
Bottler Nikka
Distiller Nikka
Age* NAS
ABV 45%
Nose Initially i get freshly chopped golden delicious apples, with a vanilla crumble topping that's a little biscuity and a lot vanilla-y, really delicious nose on this. There's a slight prickle of alcohol but nothing that would really bother you.
Taste More apple notes lots of golden delicious and pink lady apples with that vanilla biscuit crumble topping
Finish A bit of heat and a lot of vanilla and apple, yum.

Clan Denny Invergordon 1966 Clan Denny Invergordon 1966

The old man of the tasting this 45 year old, damn thats even a good few years older than me, is one of those whiskies where the genuine use of the word "fantastic" comes into it's own. Grain whiskies really do get better with age and this old fella of an Invergordon is one that really is worth seeking.

Bottle Name Clan Denny Invergordon 1966
Bottler Douglas Laing & Co
Distiller Invergordon
Age* 45
ABV 47.1%
Nose Sweet freshly cut apples and gentle caramel sauce, a local supermarket used to do an apple pie that was covered in caramel instead of a top layer of pastry and this reminds me of that, there's dough like notes along with sweet apples, caramel and some demerera sugar. A nose that makes you go NOM.
Taste Super smooth with a cereal like taste that reminds me of milky weetabix, then there's a hint of a very milky Latte coffee and then the caramel and touches of apple come back.
Finish The milky latte coffee and caramel keep this whisky going.

All of the whiskies above can be purchased directly through Arkwrights