A Balblair Whisky Tasting

"Who would like to take part in a Balblair Whisky Twitter Tasting?" was the question asked by the guys at Alembic Comms (@alembic_tweets) and i'm going to guess there was a bit of a huge response to it, well one of them was me, i just so happened to be sitting at the pc checking out Tweetdeck as the announcement popped up and I replied with gusto, and was over the moon to find i'd been successful in getting onto the tasting.

I've had a few Balblair whiskies in the past and still have a few reviews to post (including the 1978) and i was really looking forward to sitting and going through these cracking drams.

Balblair 1997 Balblair 1997 2nd Edition

First up was the Balblair 1997, this is the 2nd release of this vintage, and i was really impressed, price wise it's available from Master of Malt for just over £50 and it's well worth it, a cracker of a dram.

Bottle Name Balblair 1997 2nd Edition
Bottler Balblair
Distiller Balblair
Age* NAS
ABV 43%
Nose lovely clean and fresh nose here, sweet fresh golden delicious apples and candy floss with fresh garden herbs and vanilla pods, a slight hint of milky coffee also.
Taste Creamy mouthfeel with vanilla cream coated summer berries and a touch of oak sweetness.
Finish creamy and sweet raspberry

Balblair 1990 Peated Balblair 1990 Single Cask Peated (Master of Malt)

This was always going to be an interesting one, rather than add the peat in the traditional way (by distilling the spirit from peated malt), the distillers took the unusual step of ageing the whisky in an American oak barrel which previously held a maturing Islay malt. This is something Balvenie has had good success with in the past, and this cracking cask-strength dram is also rather wonderful.

A cracker of a dram and exclusive to the guys at Master of Malt.

Bottle Name Balblair 1990 Single Cask Peated (Master of Malt)
Bottler Balblair
Distiller Balblair
Age* NAS
ABV 50.40%
Nose Touches of apple strudle and candy floss mix with gentle summer berries and a very very light touch of pipe smoke, with a sweet fruity tobacco.
Taste very oily mouthfeel with a kick of spice, there's definite orange and lime sweetness in here and a touch of bonfire toffee candy.
Finish gentle sweet smoke and spiced orange.

Balblair 1975 Balblair 1975 2nd Edition

1975 - the year of my birth and with the tasting happening in May it was even the right month. I've totally fallen in love with this dram and i would more than happily accept a bottle of this from anyone wishing to buy me one for my birthday (it's the 24th of May by the way)

If you are going to buy it for me, why not pick it up from Master of Malt

Bottle Name Balblair 1975 2nd Release
Bottler Balblair
Distiller Balblair
Age* NAS
ABV 46%
Nose grassy and floral almost grain/lowland like, some honey and vanilla in there too with a touch of green leaves with some twinings green tea
Taste Palette Perfumed flowers fresh herbs oaky and quite dry with a touch of banana in there too
Finish Finish is Meaty but very mellow with no mouth prickle, lasts a long time although quite drying