Cutty Sark Tweet Tasting

The Cutty Sark Tweet Tasting organised by Steve Rush from was the second such tasting that i'd been involved in.

I didn't know much about the Cutty Sark range prior to this tasting but i was suitably impressed by what was a quality and interesting range.

We started with the standard Cutty Sark blend which for it's sub £20 price tag is a stunning dram capable of kicking many single malts into touch.

It would be the perfect summer BBQ dram and we were even advised to try it with ginger ale and lime as a long drink with the BBQ.

The 12 year old then 18 year old blends were next both of which are way better than many of the other blends i've tried and i would even say better than an awful lot of standard single malts.

The star of the show however was the 25year old Cutty Sark Tom O'Shanter a limited edition bottling for Burns night 2012 and a superb dram worth each and every penny of the £200 price tag.

Yet again another fantastic Tweet Tasting and i can't wait til the next one.