The First Jurameet

The very first ever #Jurameet took place on the 18th April 2012 at the Black Bull Inn in Mid Calder.

After some mix ups and some no-shows we ended up with a good mix of people who loved whisky of various types turning up.

The First Jura Meet

The scene was set with the stunning range of Jura Whiskies on show. With the Origin (10 year old), 16 year old Diurachs Own, Superstition and Prophecy.

The whole group really enjoyed talking about their own whisky experiences and the smells and tastes they were gathering from the whiskies we tasted.

Learning about the superstitions surrounding the Jura range was a great experience and i'm looking forward to doing more of these in the future.

The First Jura Meet

Slainte to the guys who enjoyed their Jura!