#LoveBowmore - A Twitter Tasting

Not long ago the very lovely and very approachable Rachel Barrie, Master Blender for Morrison Bowmore, joined twitter (@TheLadyBlender) and has been fully accepted as a majory contributor to the #WhiskyFabric that exists on Social Networking sites between those whisky lovers throughout the world. The Fabric of whisky bloggers, geeks and those who work within the industry and have a real passion for what they do.

Rachel takes part in interesting discussions and even partakes in the sometimes utterly rediculous humour that abounds on Twitter, she really is part of the community now..

So onto the #LoveBowmore Twitter Tasting. I was having a bad day, was grumpy at things not going my way and then my phone pings with a message from Rachel, "Would you like to join in with a Date night with her and Bowmore via a twitter tasting" well thats a certain way to cheer me up, of course i will and the rest as they say is history.

Love Bowmore
My Bowmore Bouquet

So a day or two before the tasting and an early morning knock on the door brings forth a delivery containing my Bowmore Bouquet, 4 cracking looking samples wrapped lovingly in Red Tissue paper and with a handwritten card, now i can't wait.

Love Bowmore Sample #1 #LoveBowmore Sample #1

Sample number 1 and my thoughts first start going towards the Bowmore 12 Year Old but it's got a more briney feel to it, mixed with lovely citrusy notes. I've seen this in the supermarkets and for some uexplicable reason i've yet to pick up a bottle, it is lovely and i will be buying a bottle of this.

Bottle Name Bowmore Small Batch Reserve
Bottler Bowmore
Distiller Bowmore
Age* NAS
ABV 40%
Nose I always expect Bowmore to be peaty but there's not a huge amount here, very malty to begin with then it goes all citrusy with lemon and lime, a touch of key lime pie when left for a couple minutes, after 5/10 minutes notes of treacle toffee begin to form.
Taste Gentle and gracious, with some malt loaf and toaster crumbs, touches of seafood (muscles, cockles, scallops) and a tingle of lemon
Finish Gentle but a lick of peat smoke and more seafood.

Love Bowmore Sample #2#LoveBowmore Sample #2

Next up was sample #2 which was the Bowmore 15 Year Old Darkest, i've had this before, including at Auchentoshan Festival, but didn't take notes there and the bottle i had went down too well in 2011 before i'd started recording all my tasting notes.

I'm really keen on this one and think it's great value for money with a lovely gentle amount of peat and sweetness mixing together, this is one of those drams that is summed up perfectly with Nom Nom Nom

Bottle Name Bowmore 15 Year Old Darkest
Bottler Bowmore
Distiller Bowmore
Age* 15
ABV 43%
Nose My first cursory whiff caught some stretched leather rubbery notes before it mellowed to light smokiness with grape skin and touches of those little fig cakes (can never remember their name). Left in the glass for a short time it develops a cigar ash smokiness along with fruity sweetness.
Taste Very rich and with sweetness from lots of deep dark fruits, a little plum jam on lightly toasted malt loaf, there's hints of citrus in there, with orange peel and grated dark chocolate
Finish Super Rich and a touch salty and smoky.

Love Bowmore Sample #3#LoveBowmore Sample #3

The 3rd sample was marked "cask" on the ABV bit so there was no way of trying to guess what it was, it turned out to be the Bowmore 10 Year Old Dorus Mor (batch 1). The same casks will also be used for Bowmore Tempest IV

Although younger than the 12 year old this 10 year old shows a lot more character and is a very nice dram. I really like what Morisson Bowmore are doing with the cask strength younger whiskies with this Dorus Mor, the Tempest and the Auchentoshan Valinch range.

Bottle Name Bowmore 10 Year Old Dorus Mor (Batch 1)
Bottler Bowmore
Distiller Bowmore
Age* 10
ABV 55.10%
Nose Light and refreshing, citrus fruits and "watery" fruit like kiwi and watermelon, there's still a hint of peat smoke but it doesn't overpower the gentle notes. Edinburgh Rock and candly floss mix together with floral gums in this one.
Taste Peach and passionfruit yoghurt, some candy floss and a hint of sea salt and brine
Finish Oh what a finish, for high ABV it's sweet and gently smoky on the afterglow

Love Bowmore Sample #4#LoveBowmore Sample #4

This fourth samples is a work in progress, the colour is very dark and my initial thoughts based solely on the colour were very sherried, port finished or a deep red wine cask. This one was also only marked as CASK for the ABV. Rachel is playing her cards close to her chest on this one and there's no details on age (thus ANG - Age Not Given) or cask used, so lets just hope this gets released soon so we can find out.

Asked if we thought Rachel should bottle this the resounding answer was YES!

Bottle Name Bowmore Work In Progress February 2013
Bottler Bowmore
Distiller Bowmore
Age* ANG (Age Not Given)
ABV Approx 57%
Nose Plum Jam, huge huge notes of plum jam, with gentle sweet cigar ash, there's a lot going on here, with more fruit, touches of orange and cloves, hints of demerera sugar / treacle also.
Taste tangy with fruit and touches of gentle victoria sponge with a medicinal note and dark treacle covered plum jam.
Finish Spicy really spicy and a touch medicinal, but with a treacle coating

An amazing night in great company and i'd certainly recommend that you try each and every one of these lovely bowmore expressions.

Love Bowmore