Isle of Jura Presents

I was lucky enough to recently, by way of virtue receive some lovely gifts from the Isle of Jura Whisky company for helping to promote them in being a Jura Community Ambassador.

It was a fantastic opportunity, and one i'm hoping to do more of in the future for Jura who are a brilliant company and produce a stunning range of whiskies.

As part of this i was gifted a stunning Islay Slate tasting mat, a couple of stunning Jura whisky glasses and the amazing Prophecy whisky to add to my collection.

Obviously being a photographer at heart also i wanted to spend some time with them and have done here.

The glass contains some Jura Origin (10 year Old) as i didnt want to open the Prophecy just yet.

Once again many thanks to the guys at Jura Whisky, you know where i am for the next time.