12 Days of Christmas Whisky Tasting

Christmas, and all that goes with it, is almost upon us and there are some very cool things out there including the awesome Master Of Malt Advent Calendar.

However, for those without the £150 for the calandar there is another option that will allow a few folks to have some fun, try some whiskies, and maybe win a wee prize.

Here's the plan :-

  • Get 12 people together
  • Each person sends the other 11 a 30ml sample of whisky (all from the one bottle)
  • The whiskies sent are marked only the day (1-12) that the person has been given
  • On that day (starting 13th December and finishing 24th December)all 12 try the whisky and make guesses as to the Distillery, Age/Variant and ABV (no guesses on the one you sent out)
  • After all people have guessed, the actual answer is revealed by the person who sent the samples
  • Person with the highest score, i'll think of a tie-breaker if need be, will win a 70cl bottle of Ardbeg 10yr from me
If that sounds like it could be something you would be interested in, please drop me a line to tom@tomswhiskyreviews.com. The list of 12 will be filled on a first come first served basis. I personally have no issues with this being worldwide but please remember you will have to provide approx 350ml of a bottle of whisky, in sample bottles and send them to 11 people.