Jurameet at The Grapes

This was my second Jurameet and i'm really quite chuffed with how it went. Lynn and Kenny (the Owners) and Fiona (the Manager) at The Grapes in East Calder were gracious and very accomodating hosts for this tasting of 5 Isle of Jura Whiskies.

We had the whisky, the glasses, the staff ready to serve up and me ready to talk about the whiskies, all we needed was a few people to talk to about it and they arrived happy and raring to go. A mix of regulars at the bar and invited guests meant a tasting session with 18 people, the biggest number i'd had to deal with. It was a great experience for me working with them and enthusing about the whisky. Isle of Jura 16 Year Old Woth five whiskies on offer it was time to get cracking, after introducing myself and thanking both Isle of Jura and The Grapes I talked a little about the Islan of Jura and it's people and superstitions before we began with the Jura 10 Year old Origin. The general concensus here was a very light dram, nice and smooth, easy drinking, with notes of apples, fresh pine and oak. It's at this point that, as someone leading a tasting, you see people begint o straighten up in their chairs and get more into things. A few had gone from "it smells like whisky" to "yeah, you can smell apples and pine in there" which is always a really encouraging thing to see.

Next on the list was the Sainsbury's and Distillery exclusive Jura 12 Year Old Elixir. This was very popular, unanimously people loved the nose, the sherry influence coming through but still with the fresh clean nose with fresh pine that was there with the Origin. A couple of the tasters have already popped into their local Sainsbury's for a bottle of this which is great to see.

Mid Tasting, the guys are all getting into their whisky now.

Next on the list, and my personal favourite, was the Jura 16 Year Old Diurachs Own. Talking about this whisky and how i love it personally was really interesting, i've chatted with friends about it before but saying these things in front of a group of nodding and agreeing whisky tasters was a great experience. This whisky proved very popular with everyone agreed that it was subtle, smooth, nose of crunchy green apples and still that subtle, smooth clean, fresh pine also. It was beginning to become obvious that these whiskies, from nose alone, could all be described as related, as brothers to each other.

Fourth on the dramming list was Jura Superstition, this lightly peated but hugely flavoursome whisky proved a hit with all but a couple of tasters, who did sample it but were not keen on the peat flavours. Both said the whisky nosed very well but they just werent keen on the smokey, earthy notes. Others however were very taken by this dram and it loks very likely that it may end up being very popular behind the bar at the The Grapes.

Last on the list was Jura Prophecy, the heavily peated dram that really took a few of the tasters by surprise. Again there were a couple who sampled but were not keen on the peaty notes but there were also a few who were very surprised by how good this peaty whisky was, especially as they were normally Islay whisky drinkers.

More of the tasters
More of the tasters at Last Nights Jurameet

Lynn and Kenny (the Owners) thought it would be nice for everyone who attended to try another dram of their favourite from the night, so with 2x Prophecy, 3x Elixir, 5xSuperstition and 8x 16yr Old it shows that the Superstition and 16 Year old Diurachs own were the most popular. The Regulars at the bar were really impressed with the quality of the whiskies and it looks likely that there will be some Jura on sale in The Grapes in one form or another very a long time to come now.

We had lots of comments about how, even with the peated whiskies, it was possible to relate each of the drams, that the consistent smooth, clean nature shone through and this was really exciting to hear.

Once again many thanks to Lynn and Kenny (the Owners) and Fiona (the Manager) at The Grapes in East Calder and to Isle of Jura Whisky for this great whisky tasting experience.