Compass Box Tweet Tasting

COmpass box flaming heart I really enjoy getting involved in Twitter Tastings, especially those organised by Steve Rush of The Whisky Wire. So when i was selected to partake in the #CBTT2 Compass Box Twitter Tasting i was over the moon.

I became even more excited when it emerged one of the whiskies we would be tasting was the new 2012 edition of Flaming Heart, this whisky has eluded me a few times in the past so finally sampling it was a dream come true.

The three whiskies we sampled and twittered about were-

Oak Cross
Flaming Heart

All three re-affirmed my belief that Compass Box are probably the most forward thinking of any independant bottlers i've seen, the flavours and aromas in their whiskies are just unbelievable.

To check out the thoughts of other, including Compass Box's very own Chris Maybin who helped talk us through the whiskies, and even give a bit more information about the make up of them.