Whisky Fringe 2012 Arrives

Whisky fringe 2012 It was Tuesday 1st May 2012, and about 11:50am when i was all set, pc on, Royal Mile Whiskies Website logged into and account details checked, in preparation for Whisky Fringe 2012 tickets going on sale.

11.59 and the F5 refresh button is being bashed until i see it become available to purchase and then it was GO GO GO as i went through the process of purchasing the tickets for my friends and I to attend this years Whisky Fringe. By 12:15 i had received the confirmation on screen and by email that I was the proud owner of the tickets i wanted for Whisky Fringe 2012.

And so the big day arrives, we prepare well for it (more details here) and arrive at about 2:30 (the event is 2-6 but there's no point being silly as 3/3.5 hours is plenty enough time to wander around) and sample some of the brilliant whiskies on offer.

We met a few people we knew and said our usual Hellos before we decided to hit the Drinkmonger stand first. So at Whisky Fringe 2012 and the first 2 drinks i have are actually Edinburgh Gin.. firstly the Elderflower Gin then the Raspberry Gin, both stunning and make me want to try more Gin drinks.

From there we made our way round many of the other whisky stands with some of my favourites being the Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve, The Whyte and Mackay 30 year old blend and the Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2006 Dunlossit Farm.

The boys and I
Richard, Myself, Paul and David at the Bruichladdich Stand

Whisky Fringe run a Half Time orange, where at 4pm a whistle goes and the retailers dish out some of the very special whiskies, and what a cracker we picked as Paul and I headed for the Douglas Laing stand and were rewarded by a North British 1962 50 Year Old Directors Cut at 57.1%, i will psot a seperate review for this, but suffice to say it was utterly outstanding.

Once again a well organised friendly and great atmosphere and some cracking whiskies. How many days is it til Whisky Fringe 2013 now?