Whisky Speed Dating

I've been asked to do some odd, weird and wonderful things in my time but being asked to do a WHisky Speed Dating was the biggest one that took me aback, especially as i'm married. But then it turned out it was actually a plan by Johanne and Graham from The Perfect Whisky Match wishing people to do a speed whisky tasting.

SO what's the plan, well the plan is that everyone who takes part starts at 7pm local time and spends at most 5 minutes each on between 3 and 5 whiskies nosing, tasting and sampling and then within 15 minutes of the last one posting a blog post.

I decided to use up a couple of samples i had in the Nikka Whisky from the Barrel and the Glenturret 10 which i had also previously reviewed (links to them next to each one) and also the SMWS 48.19 Magners Farewell (Balmenach 9yr) as a new one that i've not tried before, which i will post this as the actual review later on tonight.

So, onto the reviews:

Nikka Whisky from the Barrel

Nose: Early morning Dewy Grass, with slight wood notes, some grapes and crushed fruits
Taste: Dried fruits, coffee beans, oaky and dry
Finish: long dry and very powerful, stunning stuff

Glenturret 10 Year Old

Nose: woody, creamy and vanilla custard, light fruits, kiwi, melon etc
Taste: Light, smooth, vanilla, creme brule, slightly floral
Finish: Short and sweet, floral notes, no harshness at all.

SMWS 48.19 Magners Farewell (Balmenach 9yr)

Nose: First thought was apple cider, then freshly baked bramley apple pie with caramalised sugar, some light oak notes, very easy on the nose, could nose this all night long
Taste: stewed apples and caramelised sugar, vanilla pods and some cinnamon and cloves too
Finish: finish is big compared to the nose, lots to the back of the throat, still getting apples

Once again thanks to Johanne and Graham from The Perfect Whisky Match for the invite to participate, why not go visit their blog to see how everyone else gets on too.