A Warm Welcome to Callum Rixson

Callum RixsonThis blog has been going for around 5 and a half years now, and with myself doing the majorty of the donkey work, helped by Neil who came on board in 2014 (read Neils reviews here), so it was time to bring on some more talent and today I'd like to introduce Callum Rixson, who will be adding his knowledge and background to the reviews on this site.

I asked Callum to write a bit about himself, and i have added a link below to his review feed.

"I’ve been in the booze trade since the tender age of 17 and never turned back, I started off in local pubs in Bradford-on-avon, then on to running a bar in busy gastro pub in West London, after that I moved back down to the west country and settled in Bath (for now), after running a couple of bars here and there I found my passion in Cocktails and of course Whisky.

"I’m currently the General Manager of The Hideout in Bath, a snug 25 seater with high-quality Cocktails, with the friendly service of your local pub and more importantly over 180 whiskies from across the globe (on rotation) not forgetting a decent selection of draught and bottled beer to wash them down.

"Over the last year or two I have been lucky enough to meet some of the best of the best in the whisky world and decided whisky is something I want to persue, so I started to enter national and global cocktail competitions to learn more and meet more of the top of the trade, (que blowing own trumpet) since then I have won Balvenie handcrafted bartender of the year and made it to the UK final of Glenfiddich most experimental bartender which has helped immensely. So now I have decided to write some of my opinions of drams I come across down (mainly so I can keep track of them) I hope you enjoy my write ups, and like brackets (I tend to do them a lot) Cheers! "

You can catch up with all the articles posted by Callum by clicking on this link for his articles.

Callum Rixson