200 and Counting

I can't quite believe it but this is the 200th article on this website. I don't think i ever considered was back in Decemeber when i decided i would blog all my whisky tasting notes that i would ever get 200 articles in such a short period of time. it is in my head to try to post something on this site every day (on average), whether that be a review, an interview or a press release.

There are a number of reasons i've managed it, one being the support of lots of the whisky companies around Scotland who have been more than happy to send me Press Releases and information and another being the number of tweet tastings, and sample swaps that i've been lucky enough to be involved in.

I've had a number of thoughts on what i should posthere for article 200, i could easily have ignored it all and posted a normal review, or an interview or a standard press release but I've decided to do 2 things on this post, the first is to do a top picks of 5 whiskies (from the 121 that i've posted reviews on here about since January 2012) and secondly to list a set of Dream Drams that i would love to sample.

Isle of Jura 21 Year Old 200th Anniversary So in no particular order, as i really couldn't put them in an order, the top 5 whiskies ive tasted and reviewed on this site since january 2012 are :-

Isle of Jura 21 Year Old (200th Anniversary) - I was lucky enough to sample this as part of the Jura Twitter Tasting and was very much impressed. Jura is my distillery of choice and i've yet to find an expression from them that i have not liked but this was simply stunning. A very subtle and easy drinking whisky, i really can't recommend this highly enough.

Auchentoshan Valinch (2012) - I loved the 2011 version of this but i really do think the 2012 version adds that something extra special. The Valinch is effectively a Cask Strength version of the Auchentoshan Classic and despite being a young whisky, and cask strength, it is very smooth, The Bourbon cask has had a real influence on this whisky with the vanilla and creme brule nose being very much to the fore.

North British 50 Yr Old Directors Cut (Douglas Laing) - Im becoming more and more keen on grain whiskies every time i try one and when i got the opportunity to try this 50 Year Old at Whisky Fringe as part of the Half Time Orange. The nose on this stunning whisky is one that you could sit and smell all night long.

an Cnoc Peter Arkle 1st Edition an Cnoc Peter Arkle 1st Edition - this limited edition whisky is not only provided in an amazingly cool box designed by Peter Arkle but it also is one of the most "christmas cake" whiskies i've tried and i love my sherried whisky so this works really well for me.

Bunnahabhain Darach Ur - This travel retail only bottle of Bunnahabhain (another of my favourite distilleries) really rocked my world, it felt like a lowland with sweet grassy nose and bourbon goodness on the palette.

It was really difficult to pick these 5 and i'm really not sure about one or two of the ones i missed off this list.

So thats been my favourite drams from the last 121 i tried, but i also said i'd list some of my dream drams so here's the current list of whiskies i'd love to be able to sample.

Bruichladdich 40 Year Old - I'm really enjoying all the Bruichladdich that i've had so far, well except the wine casked stuff, and i'm really intrigued by this one, the notes look amazing and i'm a big fan.

Bunnahabhain 1968 Auld Acquaintance Bunnahabhain 1968 Auld Acquaintance - I hummed and hawed when this was first released and stupidly decided not to splash out the £100 or so it would have cost me to buy at the time, once i'd decided i actually wanted one it had sold out everywhere and now means i'd be paying a lot more for it. The tasting notes really make me drool and having had some old Bunnahabhains in the past i've loved them, so i can only imagine how good this would be.

Any Linlithgow (St Magdelenes) or Rosebank Whiskies - i like my lowland style whiskies and have been very impressed with the nose, taste and quality of any of these whiskies that i have tried in the past so i would really like to try more.

1975 Jura distilled on 24th May 1975 - ok so realistically i don't even know if the distillery were distilling on the day i was born (it was a Saturday) but i'd absolutely love to sample a single cask whisky from my favourite distillery that has the same birthday as me, that really would be something special wouldn't it.