Not Just Whisky

Edinbutgh Gin Raspberry I love whisky, in fact it's a huge part of what and who i am, you probably love whisky too if you're reading this, whisky is amazing but that doesn't mean that there aren't any other spirits, or drinks, that arent worth talking about so occasionally I will do a little review on something else, something a bit different.

I do plan over the coming weeks and months to do some write ups on some fruity Swedish ciders as well as some Gin, Rum, Tequila and maybe even a litte amount of Vodka.

First up though are a couple of Gins that i first tried at The Whisky Fringe and have since bought a couple of other bottles to ensure my notes were more complete.

Both of these Gins are by Edinburgh Gin, with the first being a Raspberry Gin, and then an Elderberry Gin, i'd highly recommend trying these to anyone who likes something fruity and a little different.