Wearing My Peat on My Sleeve

Big Peat It's no secret i like Whisky and no secret i like Tattoo's you can even search this site and find some of my previous whisky tattoos for proof.

A while back there was a little bit of a jest and fun between myself, my mate Richard (@richiyc) and Cara from Douglas Laing about a Big peat Tattoo, and we have been promising for a while to have them done.

Finally after what feels like an eternity, last week, Richard (@richiyc) and I went to Inkwell in East Calder and had the amazing Charlie tattoo both of us.

We both wanted Big Peat tattooed but also both had different ideas on style with me wishing to maintain a greyscale as i'm looking for fill up a full sleeve of whisky tattoos in greyscale and Richard (@richiyc) deciding to go full colour.

We both already have plans for more tattoos and will be getting others added over the coming weeks and months with more of Big Peat's friends and pets being added to mine along with some other whisky brands.

Big Peat Tattoo, Tom and Richard