The Whisky Tattoo

So anyone who knows me knows that i'm just a little bit crazy and have a few loves, one obviously being Whisky and another being tattoos, i love them, i think they're something pretty special and all of my own tattoos have special meaning to me, including my latest one.

On Friday i went to my favourite wee tattoo studio Utopia Ink and got Andy to do a custom whisky inspired tattoo on the inside of my right forearm.

The tattoo which is shown below features the Ardbeg logo and the logos for Isle of Jura's bottlings of Origin 10yr, Superstition, Diurachs Own 16yr, Prophecy and Elixir along with the Gaelic Expression "Slainte Mhath" which translates as "Good Health" and is the traditional toast when sharing a whisky with friends.

My WHisky Tattoo

I know tattoos aren't to everyones taste but i love them.