A Warm Welcome to Callum Rixson
This blog has been going for around 5 and a half years now, and with myself doing the majoirty of the donkey work, helped by Neil who came on board in 2014 (read Neils reviews here), so it was time to bring on some more talent and today I'd like to introduce Callum Rixson, who will be adding his knowledge and background to the reviews on this sit

Wearing My Peat on My Sleeve
It's no secret i like Whisky and no secret i like Tattoo's you can even search this site and find some of my previous whisky tattoos for proof.

The SMWS Tattoo
Back in the early part of this year from January to May 2014 I was involved with a small team at Uni who worked on a project with The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Say Hello To Neil MacKinnon
Since starting this blog in it's current format almost two years ago, in May 2013, it has taken over my life;

Happy Anniversary
Today is a double celebration on the blog as we reach two milestones that I'm realy proud of.

200 and Counting
I can't quite believe it but this is the 200th article on this website.

Not Just Whisky
I love whisky, in fact it's a huge part of what and who i am, you probably love whisky too if you're reading this,

Distant Drams
I like questions that have no real factual answers and only really have opinions and feelings as the resultant answer and so when Dave posed a question on twitter it really got me thinking.

The Whisky Tattoo
So anyone who knows me knows that i'm just a little bit crazy and have a few loves, one obviously being Whisky and another being tattoos, i love them, i think they're something pretty special and all

Tasting Club
Over the coming weeks and months i'll be looking at various options for putting together a small tasting club.

Privacy and Cookies
This site makes use of Cookies to track links to advertising and to record the fact you have received the appropriate notification of the use of cookies, it also uses google analytics to analyse the t

About Me
Well First and foremost i'd just like to point out that i'm certainly no Whisky expert and that this website expresses my opinion of the senses of the nose, taste and finish of whiskies, or other spir

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